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ERA-NET Cofund: Guidelines & Practical Documentation

This section will be continuously updated.

A number of documents for Horizon 2020 provide important information for the ERA-NET Cofund actions.

A)    Material provided by the EC:

on general issues:

 on issues related to the submission of an ERA-NET COFUND proposal:

 on issues related to the Grant Agreement:


    B)    Material provided by ERA-LEARN 2020:

    on general issues:

     on financial issues:

    on issues related to the cofunded call

    on the provision of project level data 

    Not all of the data collected in this template will be visible on the ERA-LEARN website.  The data related to budgets and contact information will remain confidential and will be used for aggregated analysis for the annual report and for other specific analysis by the European Commission.


    Last update: May 2018