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Manual and tools for implementation of joint calls

The main goal of this online manual is to provide the P2P community with a sound basis for the implementation of transnational calls for proposals. You will find general information, practical examples and templates.

These optional descriptions, recommendations and guidelines are based on experiences and realistic scenarios, provided as an interactive compilation of modules which reflect the different phases in the planning and operation of joint calls.

The contents are based on past and ongoing P2P networks and have proven useful for specific purposes. The documents may be used as blueprints, references or inspiration for future joint call activities.

Material provided here may be appropriate for various P2P scenarios and geometries, including cofunded calls with EC top-up funding.

All information is based on the input from P2P networks. This compilation was developed by ERA-LEARN to simplify and standardise the execution of joint calls as much as possible.

This manual was first published by ERA-LEARN in March 2010. We invite you to check, comment and provide us with feedback. Updated versions are planned on an annual basis.


Last update: September 2016