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P2P Partner Search

ERA-LEARN 2020 provides a partnering tooto assist you in building or joining consortia.

You may enter your contact details to be listed either as an organisation wishing to join a potential network under a specific topic, or as an organisation (e.g. coordinator) wishing to further expand a network which is being built.

Topics from the Work Programmes 2016/2017 are listed (alphabetical order) below.

Work Programmes

Title Instrument Budget Call closure
CULT-COOP-10-2017: Culture, integration and European public space ERA-NET Cofund 5M 2017-02-02
EE-21-2016: ERA-NET Cofund actions supporting Joint Actions towards increasing energy efficiency in industry and services ERA-NET Cofund 5M 2016-09-15
FETPROACT-02-2017: FET ERA-NET Cofund ERA-NET Cofund 5M 2017-01-24
LCE-35-2017: Joint Actions to foster innovative energy solutions in renewable energy technologies ERA-NET Cofund 26M 2017-02-16
LCE-37-2017: ERA-NET Co-Fund Enhanced cooperation in Smart Local and Regional Energy Networks of the European Energy System ERA-NET Cofund 7.5M 2017-02-16
SC1-HCO-03-2017: Implementing the Strategic Research Agenda on Personalised Medicine [RTD] ERA-NET Cofund 5M 2017-04-11
SC5-30-2017: ERA-NET on Climate Services Roadmap: Cross-sector impact assessments (evaluation, comparison and integration) ERA-NET Cofund 13M 2017-03-07
SC5-31-2017: Widening international cooperation activities on climate adaptation and mitigation CSA 6M€ (shared with 2 other CSAs) 2017-03-07
SC5-32-2017: Biodiversity scenarios ERA-NET Cofund 7M 2017-03-07
SC5-33-2017: Closing the water gap ERA-NET Cofund 10M 2017-03-07
SFS-18-2017: Support to the development and implementation of FOOD 2030 - a European research and innovation policy framework for food and nutrition security CSA 4M 2017-02-14
SFS-19-2017: Public-Public-Partnerships in the bioeconomy D. [2017] Sustainable crop production E. [2017] Innovative forest-based bioeconomy ERA-NET Cofund 10.07M 2017-02-14
SFS-36-2017: Co-fund on "One Health" (zoonoses - emerging threats) EJP Cofund 45M 2017-02-14
SFS-50-2017: Supporting international cooperation activities on agriculture soil contribution to climate change mitigation and adaptation CSA 2.5M 2017-02-14
SwafS-2-2016: ERA-NET Cofund - Promoting Gender equality in H2020 and the ERA ERA-NET Cofund 5M 2016-08-30
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