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2018: ERA-NET Cofund, EJP Cofund & CSA

The DRAFT Work Programmes for the years 2018/20 have been published by the European Commission.

The DRAFT Work Programmes are made public before the adoption of the work programme 2018-2020 to provide potential participants with the currently expected main lines of this work programme. Only the adopted work programme will have legal value. The adoption of the work programme will be announced on the Horizon 2020 website and on the Participant Portal

Please find the DRAFT P2P specific topics in the table below.

Please note that ERA-LEARN 2020 provides a partnering tool to assist you in building or joining consortia.

WP 2018

Topic identifier & TitleInstrument BudgetCall closure
Excellent Science
Future and Emerging Technologies
FETPROACT-03-2018: FET ERA-NET Cofund ERA-NET Cofund 6M€ 18 Dec 2018
FETFLAG-02-2018: ERA-NET Cofund for FET Flagships ERA-NET Cofund 10M€ 17 Apr 2018
Societal Challenges
SC1 - Health, demographic change and wellbeing
SC1-BHC-04-2018: Rare Disease European Joint Programme Co-Fund [RTD]  EJP Cofund 55M€ 18 Apr 2018
SC1-HCO-04-2018: ERA-NET to support the Joint Programming in Neurodegenerative Diseases strategic plan (JPND) [RTD] ERA-NET Cofund 5M€ 18 Apr 2018
SC2 - Food security, sustainable agriculture and forestry, marine and maritime and inland water research and the bioeconomy
BG-02-2018 Blue Bioeconomy Public-Public Partnership (ERA-NET-Cofund) ERA-NET Cofund 8M€ 13 Feb 2018
SC3 - Secure, clean and efficient energy
LC-SC3-JA-1-2018: Joint programming actions to foster innovative energy solutions

ERA-NET Cofund


11 Sept 2018

LC-SC3-JA-4-2018: Support action in preparation of a Joint Programming CSA 1M€

31 Jan 2018

SC6 - Europe in a changing world - inclusive, innovative and reflective Societies
GOVERNANCE-14-2018: ERA-Net Co-fund - Renegotiating democratic governance in times of disruptions ERA-NET Cofund 3M€ 13 Mar 2018
Spreading excellence and widening participation
WIDESPREAD-02-2018: Support to JPI Urban Europe CSA 1.5M€ 15 Nov 2018