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Release Date: 10.07.2019
NEWSALERT | 07 2019
Welcome to the ERA-LEARN newsalert!
ERA-LEARN celebrates its 10th anniversary
In January 2009, ERA-LEARN started with a small consortium with the aim to support ERA-NET projects by providing guidelines, data and trainings. Since then, the partnership landscape and with it also the ERA-LEARN project objectives and scope have developed tremendously. Today, ERA-LEARN operates a unique database of P2P networks, their calls and funded projects and provides studies and analyses on thematic clustering, internationalisation, alignment and much more. The ERA-LEARN partners would like to thank the partnership community for their support and feedback throughout the years. Without you our work would not be possible.
Final ERA-NET-Cofunds Calls launched

The final round of calls for ERA-NET Cofunds was launched by the European Commission. 10 different topics are addressed comprising e.g. Health, Energy and Climate related areas.

ERA-LEARN compiled the list of all ERA-NET Cofund topics with deadlines in 2020 and links to the respective calls on the EC Funding & Tenders Portal. Click here to see the details.

European Partnerships under Horizon Europe: results of the structured consultation of Member States
In May 2019, the Commission launched a consultation of Member States on 44 possible candidates for European Partnerships as part of a strategic coordinating process. The feedback provided by 30 countries has been analysed by the Commission services and summarised in a report provided as basis for discussion at the Shadow Strategic Programme Committee meeting on 27 June 2019. It identifies the key issues raised by Member States during the consultation and proposes a way forward to critical issues.
ERA-LEARN Workshop – Implementing ERA-NET Cofund
This annual workshop will be organised by ERA-LEARN on 7-8 October in Berlin. The workshop will provide guidance for ERA-NET Cofund coordinators and core partners. The participants will be introduced to the ERA-NET Cofund scheme, rules for the Certificate on the Financial Statements (CFS), the ERA-LEARN website and the ERA-LEARN online toolbox. Interactive Group Work sessions will focus on the management and financing of the consortium, the implementation of a cofunded call as well as the communication and interaction with other networks. Additionally basic information and guidelines on monitoring and impact assessment in ERA-NET Cofund will be presented along with an overview of European Partnerships in Horizon Europe. Agenda and registration are available on the ERA-LEARN website.
Updates on ERA-NET Cofund and EJP Cofund

The model for the certificate on the financial statements was extended with a section dedicated to ERA-NET Cofund actions. Part F of the model is related to the costs providing financial support to ERA-NET Cofund Third Parties meaning the final beneficiaries of the funded trans-national projects. Section G is related to the direct coordination costs of additional activities and shows the auditor how to verify the number of units claimed under unit costs. Read more details here.

In the Annotated Model Grant Agreement (AGA) new and updated annotations concerning ERA-NET Cofund and EJP Cofund have been published. The annotations clarify frequently asked questions such as e.g. when a new beneficiary can be added, when an amendment is needed, the administration of payments to the final recipients or how to deal with beneficiaries implementing trans-national projects (See page 635ff for ERA-NET Cofund, 716ff for EJP Cofund).

Get to know our Advisory Board
The ERA-LEARN project is supported by an Advisory Board. It consists of 10 experts from 8 countries. Every 6 months, the Board comes together to discuss past and newly planned ERA-LEARN activities and support the project by giving valuable advice and new ideas. On our website you can now find information on the Advisory Board members. And of course there is also general information about the project and our consortium.
Did you know?

A New Generation of European Partnerships

In its proposal for Horizon Europe, from 7 June 2018, the Commission proposes for the first time an overall policy approach for all kinds of partnerships: ERA-NETs, JTIs, FET Flagships and even the EIT/KICs has been developed and uniformly labelled ‘European Partnerships’. ERA-LEARN provides explanation and details on all forms of partnerships that are important for the new label. Learn more about Public-Public Partnerships, Public-Private Partnerships and other partnership initiatives.

News from the ERA-LEARN database
New Event: European Research and Innovation Days
New Call: BiodivERsA3 2019-2020 Joint Call
New Call: 28th CORNET Call for Proposals
New Call: JPI Cultural Heritage: Joint research on conservation, protection and use of cultural heritage
New Calls: 10 new EDCTP2 Calls
ERA-LEARN is a support platform for the Public-Public-Partnership (P2P) community and facilitates learning among national and regional funding organisations in order to optimise their transnational activities.

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