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Release Date: 12.04.2019
NEWSALERT | 04 2019
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Partnerships in Horizon Europe

A common understanding was reached between the Romanian presidency of the Council and the European Parliament on the majority of the operative provisions of Horizon Europe. The common understanding published on 27th March 2019 confirms the new policy approach on partnerships. Particularly interesting are the areas for possible institutionalised European partnerships to be established under Article 185 or Article 187 TFEU, which might be implemented by more than one partnership.

Strategic Coordinating Process

In its 41st ERAC plenary in Bucharest on 21-22 March 2019, ERAC exchanged views on the structured consultation process for future European Partnerships. The European Commission provided information on the status quo of the strategic coordinating process including a timeline. The relevant background document and the Commission’s presentation from the meeting are available on the ERA-LEARN website.

ERAC is a strategic policy advisory committee that advises the Council, the Commission and member states on the full spectrum of research and innovation issues in the framework of the governance of the European Research Area.

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MLE on International Cooperation
The European Commission has started an MLE (Mutual Learning Exercise) on National Strategies and Roadmaps for International Cooperation in Research and Innovation with 15 participating countries. First documents from the kick-off meeting are available for download. This MLE is part of the Horizon 2020 Policy Support Facility which offers MLEs, Peer Reviews and Specific Support to Countries.
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With the forthcoming European Framework Programme „Horizon Europe“, the European Commission wants to rationalise the European partnership initiatives in order to increase their effectiveness and impact. In case you want information about the differences of the partnership initiatives, you will find an overview on the different types on the ERA-LEARN website.
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