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Release Date: 29.05.2020
NEWSALERT | 05 2020
Welcome to the ERA-LEARN newsalert!
Timeline European Partnerships
The first wave of European Partnerships in HEU will start with the work programmes 2021/2022. The following indicative timeline shows the process of their implementation. It will be adopted according to the decisions on the MFF (multiannual financial framework), Horizon Europe negotiations and in the context of the Covid-19 pandemic.
  • March to June: Hearings of the Regulatory Scrutiny Board on the Draft Impact assessment of candidates for Article 185/7 initiatives;
  • May/June: online publication of draft partnership proposals for partnerships planned for 2021/2022. The publication of proposals will provide transparency of the preparation phase and therewith ensures better alignment and planning through mutual access among partnerships and Member States;
  • Autumn 2020: Adoption of COM proposals for Article 185/187 initiatives (timing depends on sufficient progress on MFF, the formal commitments received by Member States and the SRIAs/Roadmaps finalised).
  • Q1/2021: publication of Horizon Europe Work Programme 2021/2022 including co-programmed and co-funded European Partnerships
  • Q2/2021: adoption of Article 185 and 187 basic acts by (European Parliament and) Council.
Annual Report on Public-Public Partnerships 2019
ERA-LEARN has published its Annual Report on Public-Public Partnerships 2019. This report has been prepared by the ERA-LEARN project team using data provided by the P2P networks. In addition to providing an updated picture of the evolving P2P landscape, it highlights examples of good practice and achievements from networks during 2019 as they seek to address specific challenges and create wider impact within the community, in an increasingly collaborative manner.
Guide for developing Strategic Research and
Innovation Agendas (SRIA)

All future European Partnerships under Horizon Europe have to develop a Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda (SRIA) or a Roadmap before their launch in order to ensure that the long-term vision is translated into concrete roadmaps with smart and measurable objectives.

ERA-LEARN elaborated an online-guide aiming to support partnerships in the process of developing SRIAs. The guide was established in collaboration with the European Commission and the valuable experience by existing networks. The guide is organised as a set of questions and answers related to the purpose, the content, and the development process of the SRIA.

New European Partnership on Pandemics
EU research Commissioner Mariya Gabriel stated that the Commission will be proposing a new European Partnership on pandemics in Horizon Europe. The proposal was subject to the Strategic Programme Committee meeting that took place on May 27th, 2020. The new partnership would increase the number of candidates for European Partnerships up to 50. Read more about the partnership on pandemics in the draft fiche.
Did you know?
The ERA-LEARN Network Database provides country statistics for all Member States and third countries involved in any type of Partnership (P2Ps and PPPs) monitored by ERA-LEARN. The reports include data on the number of partnerships involved, joint calls, funded projects, involved organisations, cooperation with other countries and more.
News from the ERA-LEARN database

New Network: EnerDigit
New Call: JPI MYBL: 4th Call: Equality And Wellbeing Across Generations
New Call: EuroNanoMed III: Joint Transnational Call (2020)
New Call: ERA CoBioTech: 3rd Joint Call on Biotechnologies
New Call: EDCTP2: Ethics and regulatory capacities 2020
New Call: EDCTP2: EDCTP Regional Networks 2020
New Call: EDCTP2: Capacity development for disease outbreak and epidemic response in sub-Saharan Africa, in collaboration with Africa CDC
New Call: EDCTP2: Career Development Fellowships in poverty-related diseases and child and adolescent health
New Call: EDCTP2: Innovative approaches to enhance poverty-related diseases research
New Call: EDCTP2: Strategic actions to maximise the impact of research on reducing disease burden, in collaboration with development cooperation initiatives
New Call: JPI Urban Europe: Joint Call for Proposals: Positive Energy Districts and Neighbourhoods
New Call: EJP SOIL: 1st EJP SOIL internal Call for proposals
New Call: SusCrop: 2nd Transnational Joint Call on Sustainable Crop Production

ERA-LEARN is a support platform for the European Partnership community and facilitates learning among national and regional funding organisations in order to optimise their transnational activities.

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