Candidates for European Partnerships

For each of the candidates for European Partnerships a subpage is available containing an overview and the respective Partnerships Fiche. The information will supplemented continuously.

An overview of the suggested European Partnerships per Cluster and Pillar is provided below:

Horizon Europe Partnership Candidates

Candidates for European partnerships with the most likely form and envisaged time of implementation

Partnership Candidate Likely form of implementation*

WP 2021/22 or A185/7 in 2021

WP 2023/24
Cluster Health
EU-Africa Global Health Partnership A185/A187/CP X
Innovative Health Initiative A187/CP X
European partnership for chemicals risk assessment CF X
ERA for Health CF  X
Large-scale innovation and transformation of health systems CF  X
Personalised Medicine CF (CP) X
Rare Diseases CF (CP) X
One Health/AMR CF (CP) X
Cluster Digital, Industry and Space
High Performance Computing A187 X
Key Digital Technologies A187/CP X
Smart Networks and Services A187/CP X
AI, data and robotics CP X
Photonics Europe CP X
Clean Steel - Low Carbon Steelmaking CP X
European Metrology A185 X
Made in Europe CP X
Carbon Neutral and Circular Industry CP X
Global competitive space systems CP X
Geological Service for Europe (likely to be withdrawn, priority to be implemented differently)
Cluster Climate, Energy and Mobility
Transforming Europe's rail system A187/CP X
Integrated Air Traffic Management A187/CP X
Clean Aviation A187/CP X
Clean Hydrogen A187/CP X
Built environment and construction CP X
Towards zero-emission road transport CP X
Mobility and Safety for Automated Road Transport CP X
Zero-emission waterborne transport CP X
Batteries: Towards a competitive European industrial battery value chain CP X
Sustainable, Smart and Inclusive Cities and Communities CF  X
Clean Energy Transition CF  X
Cluster Food, Bioeconomy, Natural Resources, Agriculture and Environment
Accelerating farming systems transition CF/CP X
Animal health: Fighting infectious diseases CF/CP X
Environmental Observations for a sustainable EU agriculture CF (CP) X
Rescuing biodiversity to safeguard life on Earth CF X
A climate neutral, sustainable and productive Blue Economy CF  X
Safe and Sustainable Food System for People, Planet & Climate CF  X
Circular bio-based Europe A187/CP X
Water4All CF/CP X
Other Pillars
Innovative SMEs CF X
European Science Cloud (EOSC) CP X

* Likely form of implementation:

  • CF: Co-funded European Partnerships
  • CP: Co-programmed European Partnerships
  • CF/CP: Either implemented as CF or CP
  • CF (CP): Most likely implemented as CF, maybe as CP
  • A185/A187: Institutionalised European Partnerships

More information on the types of European Partnerships