Benefits of monitoring and evaluation of partnerships in R&I

R&I partnerships are important initiatives in supporting trans-national collaboration in research and innovation.

Monitoring and evaluating their performance and assessing outcomes and impacts are key

  • to shed light on the 'correctness' of the intervention logics underlying P2Ps,
  • to establishing their position in the landscape of initiatives promoting trans-national R&I collaboration, 
  • to helping improve coherence and synergies within the P2P landscape, and
  • to supporting decision-making about their future orientation and sustainability.

Monitoring and evaluation of partnerships include providing valuable insights about the impacts at both the project and partnership levels:

  • Project Level: provides information about scientific impacts, industrial leadership and societal relevance.
  • Partnership Level: offers insights about the effectiveness, efficiency, added value or degree of achievement of the broader partnership objectives, such as the alignment and coordination of national/ regional programmes.