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Joint Programming Initatives


The objectives of Joint Programming are:

  • A more effective and efficient public R&D funding in Europe
  • Deepening of research-cooperation between Member States
  • Contribution to meeting the grand societal challenges
  • Benefits for society and the competitiveness of its economy 


The duration of JPIs has not been determined. It is rather an ongoing and open process.

Key actors

  • For the identification of common societal challenges and JP themes: Member States (and Associated Countries) with consultation of relevant stakeholders, support through Commission
  • For development of JPIs: Member States and Associated Countries with consultation of relevant stakeholders, Commission
  • For implementation of JPIs: Member States and Associated Countries, public funding organizations, relevant stakeholders



Typical Activities

Preconditions for defining Joint Programming themes

Formal steps for the set-up process


Budgetary issues

State of Play