Next steps

Tentative timeline and process for the preparation of Article 185/187 initiatives

3 May – 27 June 2019: Structured consultation of Member States (as part of strategic coordinating process)
June 2019: Launch of the Interservice Steering Group for European Partnerships, Start Impact Assessment work (coordinated study)
30 July 2019: Publication of draft Inception Impact Assessments
Early September 2019: Launch Open Public Consultation on potential future European Partnerships based on A185/187
24-26 September 2019: European R&I Days (policy discussion and validation with stakeholders, covers all Partnerships)
Early 2020: Submission of Impact Assessment drafts to Regulatory Scrutiny Board
Mid 2020: Adoption of Commission proposals for Article 185/187 initiatives
Early 2021: Launch of first wave of European Partnerships under Horizon Europe (all types)

Co-programmed and co-funded partnerships will be identified in the Strategic Plan and follow the planning of work programmes
NB! Not all European Partnerships have to be ready and launched in 2021!