The Horizon Europe proposal distinguishes between 3 types of European Partnerships:

Infographic comparing European Partnerships under Horizon 2020 and Horizon Europe

  1. Co-funded partnerships with a (more or less centralised) blending of EU and national public and/or other R&I funding sources (current ERA-NETs, EJP, FET Flagships model);
  2. Institutionalised partnerships (based on Art. 185 or 187 TFEU, and EIT regulation for KICs).
  3. Co-programmed partnerships between the EU, Member States/ Associated Countries, and/or other stakeholders, based on Memoranda of Understanding or contractual arrangements with partners (cPPP model);

The European Commission wants to streamline the number of partnerships in order to increase their effectiveness and impact. In addition to aiming for more synergies with the Structural and Cohesion Funds, Horizon Europe will also promote effective and operational links with other future EU programmes such as the European Defence Fund, the Digital Europe Programme, and the Connecting Europe Facility, as well as with the international fusion energy project ITER.

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