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4 new case studies on alignment modalities at trans-regional level

Four new case studies have been conducted as part of the ERA-LEARN 2020 Task 4.4: “Investigate alignment modalities at trans-regional level”. They focus on:

  • EDCTP - the European and Developing Countries Clinical Trials Partnership, which aims at improving coordination and integration of research from different European Member States in the field of poverty related diseases.  
  • CERIC-ERIC –  the Central European Research Infrastructures Consortium, which provides open access to the Member's scientific facilities, such as synchrotron light sources, neutron sources, nuclear magnetic resonance apparatus and similar, based on international peer review.
  • The Vanguard Initiative - a network of 30 European regions politically committed to support the wider application and visibility of smart specialisation principles with the aim of boosting EU competitiveness and to revitalise European industrial growth. 
  • The DACH Agreement and the Lead Agency Procedure - an instrument of cross-border collaboration, signed in May 2008, which relates to the mutual opening of the respective funding programmes with the objective to simplify the execution of cross-border research projects.

Case study reports and further information on the related task are available here.