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Project Acronym Project Title Call Network Project Start Project End No partners
CORAM CORdierite Advanced Manufacturing Manunet Call 2017 MANUNET III 2017-11-01 2019-10-31 4
HLT03 DUTy Dosimetry for Ultrasound Therapy EMRP Call 2011 - Health, SI Broader Scope and New Technologies EMRP 2012-06-01 2015-05-31 9
SIB01 InK Implementing the new Kelvin EMRP Call 2011 - Health, SI Broader Scope and New Technologies EMRP 2012-10-01 2015-09-30 14
15SIB02 InK 2 Implementing the new kelvin 2 EMPIR CALL 2015 EMPIR 2016-06-01 2019-06-01 16
BIOSAFOOD Lactic acid bacteria and other microorganisms antagonists as preservatives in minimally processed fruit and vegetables 8th call for proposals (Call 2013) ETB-PRO 2
MySterI Novel industrial bioprocesses for production of key valuable steroid precursors from phytosterol 3rd ERA-IB Joint Call ERA-IB-2 2013-01-01 2013-09-30 6
OXYPOL Optimized laccase systems for high-value bio-plastics production from biomass ERA-IB 5th joint call for proposals: Industrial biotechnology for Europe: an integrated approach ERA-IB-2 8
MINDeSEA Seabed Mineral Deposits in European Seas: Metallogeny and Geological Potential for Strategic and Critical Raw Materials GeoERA Cofund Call GeoERA 2018-07-01 00:00:00 2021-06-30 00:00:00 12
Syntheroids Synthetic Biology for Industrial Production of Steroids ERA CoBioTech “Biotechnology for a sustainable bioeconomy” ERA CoBioTech 5
VIDP Visual Impaired Digital Platform Eurostars Cut-Off 4 Eurostars 2010-12-01 2014-05-31 9