Project: Enhancing Trust in government through effective water Governance strategies

Acronym EnTruGo (Reference Number: WaterJPI-JC-2018_03)
Project Topic The sustainable management of water resources strongly depends on public trust in the governmental organizations and institutions that govern these resources. In response to a general decline of trust in the government, water managers all over the globe are initiating various democratic innovations to restore trust. Yet little is known about the actual impact of these initiatives on citizens’ trust in the government. This project addresses this gap by analysing and evaluating the direct and indirect effect of such initiatives on trust in the government and the effectiveness and legitimacy of water governance institutions and practices. Surveys and in-depth cases studies will be used to develop and test effective strategies for enhancing and maintaining trust.
Network WaterWorks2017
Call Water JPI 2018 Joint Call Closing the Water Cycle Gap

Project partner

Number Name Role Country
1 Wageningen University and Research Coordinator Netherlands
2 African Climate & Development Initiative, University of Cape Town Partner South Africa
3 Arctic University of Norway Partner Norway
4 Stockholm Environmental Institute Partner Sweden