Project: Digital Citizen participation and transparent decisions

Acronym InSIGHT & EnLIGHT (Reference Number: 17137908)
Duration 01/10/2018 - 31/05/2021
Project Topic In an effort to enable an informed and transparent policy making process for sustainable decision making and closing gaps between different stakeholders, this project aims to create a digitalized and user-friendly workflow by integrating and adapting existing market survey and decision analysis methods enabling for: 1) Reaching out to informants in an attractive and scalable way 2) Collect and aggregate insights together with underlying values and beliefs from stakeholders, interest groups, and experts in a fast and easy way using survey methodology called the "Association Wheel". 3) evaluating proposed actions or plans with a special focus on both how the different stakeholders are affected and how the actions provide value for the government's own objectives. The solution would also calculate weak and strong decision alternatives and recommendations, which can be visualised, based on Multi-Stakeholder-Multi-Criteria analysis (MSMC) library developed based on multi-years research. 4) Allow stakeholders to view the whole process from survey to aggregated results and decisions in an digital and transparent way. Key benefits are scalable and cost-effective solution to enable early, pro-active citizen participation for empowerment in the decision process, transparency around all stakeholder groups inputs and providing tools for making rational and sustainable decisions to complex issues
Network JPI Urban Europe
Call Making Cities Work

Project partner

Number Name Role Country
1 Preference AB Coordinator Sweden
2 Stockholm University Partner Sweden
3 City of Stockholm, City Planning Administration Partner Sweden
4 Allies AB Partner Sweden
5 IIBW - Institut für Immobilien, Bauen und Wohnen GmbH Partner Austria