Project: Sustainable Processing of Agrofood Residues to Elicitors and Chemicals

Acronym SPAREC
Duration 01/04/2018 - 31/03/2021
Project Topic The core of the project is focused on proposing sustainable processes from both an environmental and an economical point of view, being involved into the concept of circular economy. It is designed using an integrated biorefinery concept, which ensures a comprehensive use of material and energetic resources, while food residues are valorized, reusing valuable components at the farm and at industrial level. Innovative solutions to waste streams in the wine and fruit juice industries are looked for in this project, extracting medium to high-added value mixtures that are or can be used as ingredients, chemicals and additives in the food; chemical and cosmetic industries; or as plant immune-system elicitors in green-houses and farms, reducing the need for agrochemicals. Processes to value-added products from wastes are physical, chemical, physicochemical, enzymatic and microbiologic, and products will be tested for their antioxidant and plant immune system elicitor capacity, this latter at lab, pilot-plant and field scales. Therefore, the proposed strategies will reduce waste treatment costs, while improving economics at the food industry and farm levels. The consortium is well balanced considering the complementary scientific and economic background, expertise and capabilities (fundamental and applied research, laboratory, demonstration and production capacities, and public/industrial participation) of the partners to successfully address the ambitious project objectives. It is formed by eight partners from four European countries and comprises two universities (Complutense University of Madrid –Spain- and Université de Picardie Jules Verne –France-), two public research institutions (National Institute of Agriculture and Food Research and Technology -Spain- and Paper and Fiber Research Institute –Norway-) and four SMEs (ASA Spezialenzyme –Germany-, ELYS Conseil SASU –France-, Plant Response , and Pago de Carraovejas –Spain-).
Network SUSFOOD2

Project partner

Number Name Role Country
1 Complutense University Coordinator Spain
2 The National Institute for Agricultural and Food Research and Technology Partner Spain
3 RISE-PFI Partner Norway
4 Université de Picardie Jules Verne Partner France
5 ASA Spezialenzyme GmbH Partner Germany
6 PlantResponse S.L. Partner Spain
7 Pago de Carraovejas Partner Spain
8 ELYS Conseil SASU Partner France