Project: Innovative manufacturing solutions for cost-efficient semitransparent BIPV

Acronym MASTERPV (Reference Number: 24)
Duration 01/01/2018 - 31/12/2020
Project Topic MasterPV proposes the development and demonstration of low cost innovative processes for cost efficient semi-transparent (ST) Cu(In,Ga)(S,Se)2 (CIGS) BIPV solutions. The project involves the replacement of the Mo back contact in the traditional CIGS device architecture by chemical vacuum-free based TCO (Transparent Conductive Oxide) electrodes. This will allow achieving a significant improvement in the aesthetic quality of the ST devices, with the elimination of the back mirror effect that is determined by the remaining Mo regions in the modules. Improvement of the aesthetic quality of CIGS ST devices is strongly relevant to ensure a higher level of acceptance of these solutions in the BIPV market. The proposed solutions will contribute to a more efficient exploitation of the potential of CIGS technologies for lowering of manufacturing costs, with the replacement of the vacuum-based Mo sputtering deposition processes by lower cost approaches that are based in low CAPEX vacuum-free chemical strategies. At quantitative level the main target is the demonstration of medium size (30x60 cm2) ST modules (transparency in 20%-30% range) with additional costs (in relation to those from conventional building elements) below 100€/m2, in agreement with the strategic targets defined at the SET plan (reduction of 50% of additional costs by 2020), and with device efficiencies comparable to the high efficiency values that have already been achieved with standard Mo based contacts. This will imply a special effort in the optimization of TCO based contacts suitable for high efficiency devices, which will be based in the development of surface contact configurations including nanometric transition metal oxides (TMO) that have already been demonstrated as efficient hole transport layers in organic based technologies and are strongly promising for optimization of the valence band alignment at the back contact/CIGS interface.
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Network SOLAR-ERA.NET Cofund

Project partner

Number Name Role Country
1 IREC-Catalonia Institute for Energy Research Coordinator Spain
2 Francisco Albero S.A.U. Partner Spain
4 Martin-Luther-University Partner Germany