Project: Carbon Based Perovskite Solar Cells with UNI-Directional Electron Bulk Transport: in the QUEst of a Short Time to Market

Acronym UNIQUE (Reference Number: JTC-2_2019_008)
Duration 01/09/2019 - 31/12/2022
Project Topic VISION Photovoltaic research and commercial products that focus on sustainability and foster the future of local PV production in Europe is currently an imperative commitment. A profound, true and fruitful collaboration among the main European centres developing carbon-based perovskite solar cells is paramount for the achievement of such a vision. UNIQUE embraces this commitment with the industrial partners (SOLARONIX and DYENAMO) paving the way to the wider industrial scenery. AMBITION Unique European know-how and industrial involvement is combined here to realize high-efficient large area perovskite devices with long lifetimes for a truly commercially viable perovskite PV technology. Sustainable, industrial-relevant processes and low-cost materials are implemented to aim at a competitive new-generation of PV. Short energy- and CO2-payback times and a low CO2 emission are key factors accounted for in this project. EXCELLENCE Printable solution-processed inorganic porous metal oxides with carbon counterelectrode, functionalized interfacial passivating layers and high quality perovskite crystals will compose the enhanced cell architecture to achieve a uni-directional charge transport. The outcome of this approach is the manufacture of stable C-PSCs with 23% steady-state certified power conversion efficiency (PCE) on < 1 cm2. The success of the project is monitored through the following targets: - Demonstration of PCE > 17% on 30x30 cm2 through industrially established processes - Extrapolated operational lifetime of 20 years - Calculated carbon footprint < 5 g CO2-eq/kWhel (1/10 of that of Si-PV) - Reduction of material cost down to the cost of the substrate resulting in estimated levelized cost of electricity LCoE < 0.03 €/kWh Finally, the market exploitability will be showed by the fabrication of an up to 10 m2 working and outdoor installed C-PSC demonstrator. In the direction of the full environmental sustainability, the C-PSC structure will be used as a platform to easily examine Pb-less and Pb-free perovskites with the aim to achieve 10% PCE. IMPACT UNIQUE offers the chance to develop a European, efficient and sustainable PV technology which can be produced locally. UNIQUE aims to bring back the EU strategic PV manufacturing know-how and value chain to Europe. To promote EU interaction and to raise the awareness for the potential of this technology, a public focused symposium is planned by the end of the project with research institutes, stakeholders and EU companies at the location where the demo has been installed. UNIQUE CONSORTIUM UNIQUE combines the effort of partners from TRL 3 - EPFL (deposition of highest efficient perovskites) and UAM (functionalization of carbon electrodes), to TRL 4 - CEA (development of novel gas barriers), LEPMI (lifetime extrapolations) and ISE (development of standardized uni-directional devices) and to TRL 5 - UNITOV (high precision laser patterned interconnected cells), SWANSEA (outdoor testing and adjustment to industrial processing), DYENAMO (batch synthesis of materials) and SOLARONIX (prototyping of C-PSC modules and printable uni-directional materials).
Network Solar Cofund 2
Call Solar Cofund 2 Joint Call

Project partner

Number Name Role Country
1 Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems ISE Organic and Perovskite Photovoltaics Coordinator Germany
2 CEA LITEN/Department of Solar Technologies Partner France
3 LEPMI - University of Savoie Mont Blanc Partner France
4 EPFL ISIC, Department of Chemistry, GMF Partner Switzerland
5 University of Rome Tor Vergata Electronics Engineering Partner Italy
6 Swansea University - SPECIFIC College of Engineering Partner United Kingdom
7 Universidad Autonoma de Madrid Department of Organic Chemistry, Faculty of Science, 01-606 Partner Spain
8 Dyenamo AB Partner Sweden
9 Solaronix Partner Switzerland