Project: Nuveau système d'irrigation a condensation pour serre

Acronym CONSIRS (Reference Number: 2018-SECTION2-5)
Project Topic A new approach for irrigation water management is proposed as a combination of irrigation scheduling and water recycling using techniques of evapo-condensation in closed loop greenhouses. The system allows to solve the problem of increased salinity content in water supply by dilution with the produced condensed water. Moreover, within a specific irrigation scheduling scheme, low quality water like pre-treated waste water can be converted through the condensation process into safe fresh water, solving the problems of biological crop contamination. The project is based on results from precursor projects and will mainly focus on the further develoSMEnt of the system in direction of market readiness by improving the technology in terms of first the adaptation to the level of farm management in MENA countries and second of proper functioning within hot/arid climate conditions by advanced methods of greenhouse climate control. The main technological improvement is provided by a combination of two methods of air humidity condensation, with (1) condensation yields directly into cooling water from a thermal storage for a first period of the day with cool generated during a first night period and (2) absorption of water vapor into a liquid desiccant in a second part of daytime addressing higher storage temperatures. The regeneration of desiccant is then performed during colder night time periods, where further condensation is collected on the internal greenhouse surface. Besides, a closed irrigation water cycle with fertilization, water filtering and strong water is proposed. The system will be implemented in several greenhouse prototypes at locations of the North African partner countries. Based on the results, feasibility studies and regional water balances for different pilot regions (Biskra/AL, Nabeul/TU and Western Desert/EG) will be addressed in a later stage of the project.
Project Results
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Network PRIMA
Call Section 2 Call 2018 - Multi-topic

Project partner

Number Name Role Country
1 Technische Universität Berlin Coordinator Germany
2 Centre de Recherche Scientifique et Technique sur les Régions Arides Partner Algeria
3 Cairo University Partner Egypt
4 Institut National de Recherche en Génie Rural, Eaux et Forêts (INRGREF) Partner Tunisia