Project: Approches Innovantes de Bio-interventions et de Modélisation des Risques pour Assurer la Sécurité Microbienne et la Qualité des Aliments Fermentés Artisanaux de la Région Méditerranéenne

Acronym ArtiSaneFood (Reference Number: 2018-SECTION2-3)
Project Topic The objective of this project is to develop efficient bio-intervention strategies, enhanced process criteria, monitoring and sampling schemes, and an easy-to-use food safety decision support IT tool for participating artisanal food producers, aiming to the reduction and control of food-borne pathogens in 15 artisanal fermented foods of meat or dairy origin produced in Portugal, Spain, Italy, France, Greece, Morocco, Tunisia and Algeria. The project will be developed through an integrated risk-based approach sustained by the concepts of (i) extensive tracking surveys in the artisanal food chains, in order to identify origin, routes of contamination, risk factors favouring pathogens’ survival, and technological causes for lack of homogeneity in the quality/safety of end-products; (ii) bio-preservation, whereby functional starter cultures and natural antimicrobial extracts will be assessed as extra hurdles to ensure safety and extend shelf-life, hence reducing chemical preservatives and waste; (iii) fate studies of pathogens, and (iv) dynamic modelling, in order to mathematically describe the growth and survival kinetics of pathogens, as affected by the food’s intrinsic properties and the enhanced manufacture variants (i.e., biopreservatives and alternative process variables); and (v) risk process modelling, for the delineation of the most effective bio-interventions, optimisation of process variables and norms/standards, and design of quality monitoring tools. A safety decision support IT tool, assembling all project’s outputs, will be developed to enable artisanal producers to assess the lethality of traditional and biopreservation-based manufacturing processes, and generate sampling schemes and control charts upon their current and target safety levels. The implementation of bio-interventions and optimised process criteria will ensure safety and quality standardisation of artisanal foods; preventing food crisis, loss of trust and facilitating international trade
Project Results
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In progress
Network PRIMA
Call Section 2 Call 2018 - Multi-topic

Project partner

Number Name Role Country
1 Polytechnic Institute of Bragança Coordinator Portugal
2 Laboratoire de Microbiologie Appliquée University of Oran I Ahmed BENBELLA Partner Algeria
3 University of Cordoba Partner Spain
4 USDA Agricultural Research Service Partner United States
5 Centre National Interprofessionnel de l’Economie Laitière Partner France
6 French Agency for Food, Environmental and Occupational Health and Safety Partner France
7 Agricultural University of Athens Partner Greece
8 University of Bologna Partner Italy
9 University Ibn Zohr Partner Morocco
10 University of Manouba Partner Tunisia