Project: New recycling strategies for olive oil extraction process waste (wet olive pomace) to be applied in the leather industry

Acronym OLIPO (Reference Number: MNET19/ENER-3655)
Project Topic Leather industry has a heavy impact to the environment due to the high water consumption and the number of chemicals used in the tanning process. Besides, leather market forecast envisages vast opportunities for the tanning industry who offer eco-friendly leather production solutions. Furthermore, olive mill wastes represent an important environmental problem in Mediterranean areas. Specifically WOP is the waste generated in the two-phase continuous extraction process. WOP has high organic matter concentration giving an elevated polluting load with highly phytotoxic. Its current waste management practices result in environmental problems as soil contamination, water pollution and emissions. OLIPO project will proposes new strategies in the framework of circular economy, establishing new synergies between the leather industry and the olive oil extraction industry. The project aim is the revalue of an olive mill waste, the Wet Olive Pomace (WOP), for its reuse in the tanning sector. The project outcomes will generate an eco-efficiency improvement by reducing the environmental impact in two ways: Reusing problematic waste and avoiding the use of chemicals in tanning formulations.

Project partner

Number Name Role Country
1 The Research and Development National Institute for textiles and Leather (INCDTP)-Division Leather and Footwear Research Institute Bucharest (ICPI) Partner Romania
2 Miret y Compañía SA Coordinator Spain
3 TARO COMIMPEX SRL Partner Romania