Project: Harmonization of biomarker assessment in longitudinal cohort studies in Parkinson’s disease

Identification of predictive and progression markers in Parkinson’s disease is essential for an earlier diagnosis, patient stratification, implementation of neuroprotective therapies and establishment of useful study endpoints. Currently, a number of longitudinal cohort studies are in progress to identify and characterize symptoms that may be used as predictive and progression markers in PD. So far, however, there is no consensus regarding which symptoms need to be assessed, nor on the nature of the assessment. In the proposed working group representatives of numerous European longitudinal cohort studies in different phases of PD and epidemiologist will work on a consensus for single and combinations of predictive and progression markers and standardization of assessments. This will lead to the identification and analysis of comparable data across the studies conducted to date and a better understanding of the overall course of PD (prodromal and motor). Moreover, the working group will compile a basic assessment battery to allow comparability of data prospectively leading to larger cohorts with higher numbers of converters/symptom carriers for statistical analyses. This will set the stage for improvement of clinical trials based on novel study endpoints (defined by progression markers) and improved case stratification. As an outlook, consensus on kind and assessment of predictive and progression markers may lead to the implementation of a minimal data set in longitudinal population based studies as well as internet based approaches to identify individuals at risk for PD all over Europe.

Acronym JPNDWG00470 (Reference Number: JPNDWG00470)
Duration 01/01/2014 - 01/01/2015
Project Topic Neurodegenerative disease
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Network JPND
Call A Call for Proposals for Working Groups to Inform Cohort Studies in Neurodegenerative Disease Research

Project partner

Number Name Role Country
1 German Center for Neurodegenerative Diseases Coordinator Germany