Project: Cultural Heritage In The Metropolitan Peripheries

Acronym CUMET
Project Topic The proposed research aims at analyzing two parallel but concurrent phenomena: I) The increasing recognition of the interest for the cultural heritage located in the metropolitan peripheries of European cities by various stakeholders; II) The need for new developments (infrastructure, housing) in the periphery of European metropolises resulting to unprecedented densification pressures and extensive renewal of the existing urban fabric. The conjunction of these trends creates both opportunities and risks for the cultural heritage at the Metropolitan peripheries. Using innovative interdisciplinary methodologies, the project asks the following questions: How can we create value on the heritage of the urban peripheries, encouraging new development scenarios while protecting cultural heritage? What are the necessary mechanisms and tools to involve local societies in the policy making of cultural heritage at the urban peripheries? How can this heritage be used as a means of spatial justice and balance between the different areas of the metropolises? How can heritage in the peripheries play a role of the “cement” of metropolization? The project will have very direct local impacts through co-creation workshops held at key sites of peripheral urban heritage, designed to assist institutional and community stakeholders in imagining and interrogating innovative strategies for (re)developing heritage sites, feeding directly into local initiatives. The empirical and persuasive materials produced through the workshops will be designed with community participation to address the broader community, inviting and promoting “heritage savvy” citizens, willing and able to participate in the processes of both heritagization and metropolisation. In addition, we anticipate that the online observatory platform created through this project can act as an open resource for stakeholders in the many peripheral urban sites that face similar challenges and opportunities.
Network JPI Cultural Heritage
Call Cultural Heritage, Society and Ethics

Project partner

Number Name Role Country
1 Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne Coordinator France
2 Universidad Complutense de Madrid Partner Spain
3 University of Edinburgh Partner United Kingdom