Project: Advanced Digital Solutions for Professional Food and Nutrition Catering Services

Acronym ADCATER (Reference Number: 862665)
Duration 01/05/2021 - 30/04/2023
Project Topic Challenge: Food waste is an eminent problem in the current economy, equaling 20% of all food pro-duced in EU. Catering and Food Services in Healthcare institutions face even greater challenges: plate waste in healthcare facilities range between 6% - 65%; hospitalized patients continue to suffer from risk of malnutrition resulting from inappropriate food distribution and consumption. Solution: ADCATER will develop advanced ICT technologies and integrate them into a Smart Food Ca-tering Supply Chain platform that provides: economic efficiencies to growers and suppliers; personal-ized nutrition accuracy to diners/patrons, wholesalers and caterer; and verification of personal, organ-izational and global nutritional policies. This will be achieved by harnessing computer vision & deep learning technologies to identify and decode images of prepared food “served to plate before meal” and “left in plate after meal”, applying advanced analytics to derive valuable information such as: served meal ingredients, the degree of adjustment and dietary gaps to the diner profile, batch trace-ability data, effective and up-to-date nutritional supervision, food waste, and correlation between consumer consumption and health. Impact: ADCATER will: - Contribute to Strengthening European research on digitisation in the agri-food system, by grouping relevant expertise coming from 3 different EU MS and one AC, combining research in computer vision and data analysis and gathering (Fraunhofer, IMC, UNIROMA1), operational knowledge on catering supply chain (FoodFix), and nutritional data and measurement capabilities (Hebrew University); - Realise the potential of ICT and digital technologies to share data throughout the food value chain, by implementing Advanced Food Traceability, connecting all segments of the supply chain, enabling all segments to achieve efficiencies of freshness and amounts while providing accurate and precision nutrition to Diner. - Validate a new business model, that will combine high level research expertise and IT SMEs active in food market. Project: ADCATER aims to achieve a TRL 5 an integrated smart “food to fork” system, that provides healthcare stakeholder detailed information regarding actual nutrition intake and financial efficiencies. The system is to be tested in Sheba Medical Center in Israel.
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Call 1st ICT-AGRI-FOOD Joint Cofund Call

Project partner

Number Name Role Country
1 FoodproFix ltd Coordinator Israel
2 BEIA Consult International Partner Romania
3 The Hebrew University Partner Israel
4 Fraunhofer Partner Germany
5 Sapienza University of Rome Partner Italy