Project: Development of a novel early stage prognostic test for clinical outcome in acute myocardial infarction (AMI) patients

Firalis SAS holds an exclusive license on newly identified biomarkers that could serve as independent risk predictors and prognostic markers for cardiac and clinical complications. These biomarkers were identified in a database of MI patients during a biomarker discovery project with a 4 months and one year patient outcome using a transcriptomic approach. Candidate biomarkers were selected by screening for differentially expressed gene in groups of patients immediately after AMI in patients who later developed a degraded cardiac function (decrease in LVEF to <40%, or diagnostic of HF). The aim of this project is to use these biomarkers and translate this into a diagnostic test for risk stratification, prognosis and monitoring of treatment response for AMI patients after PCI treatment. The consortium will confirm the value of these biomarkers and increase the sensitivity and potential as prognostic markers by identifying and incorporating novel candidate biomarkers using transcriptomic and protein profiling approaches. The selected biomarker panel profile will be developed in an antibody-chip based diagnostic prototype. Then, the performance of this prototype will be evaluated in a prospective study. Two strong SMEs (Firalis and Scienion) will lead the development of a chip-based immunoassay (“CardioSave”). For the development and clinical validation of the device, these SMEs will collaborate with two medical centers/university hospitals, the Bad Krozingen Heart Center (Germany) and the Institute for genetic and molecular cell biology (IGBMC) .

Acronym CardioSave
Network ETB-PRO
Call 8th call for proposals (Call 2013)

Project partner

Number Name Role Country
Firalis S.A.S. Coordinator France
Germany Germany