Project: Biobased Sanitizing Detergents for Domestic and Industrial Laundry Applications.

Currently, laundry is performed in shorter and colder washing cycles. This has provoke a lower level in clothes sanitization after washing that can also result in textile mal odour after drying, especially in central and northern European countries. Therefore, HYGIENZYM will investigate the creation of a novel bifunctional detergent able to wash and sanitize cloths using the capacity of certain commercial and non commercial enzymes as antimicrobial agents at low temperature and washing cycle times. To fulfill this objective HYGIENZYM will include: the development of a screening methology to evaluate the antimicrobial potential of enzymes against most relevant microbial textile contaminants -both based on enzymatic and microbial procedures-; the production of non commercial antimicrobial enzymes up to a scale that allows the formulation of novel detergents which will be tested in in vitro and real washing conditions to evaluate consumers acceptance. The main innovation of HYGIENZYM is the development of a novel bifunctional detergent based on enzymes, natural derived products, as active principles in sanitizing laundry products. Very few products in the market are focused to reduce malodour in textiles after washing and they all rely on chemicals as active principles. Therefore HYGINENZYM will investigate in a product which is in line with the greener tendencies in washing habits. The field of application of HYGIENZYM’s products is of large relevance in the huge worldwide market of detergents. The consecution of project goals will enable project partners to commercialize not only actives principles for sanitizing detergent formulations, but to create final stable detergent products for domestic and industrial laundry applications with sanitizing and cleaning performance. Therefore the relevance of HYGIENZYM research in terms of potential market revenue is clear and of great importance in a big international market.

Network ETB-PRO
Call 8th call for proposals (Call 2013)

Project partner

Number Name Role Country
Proquimia S.A. Coordinator Spain
Germany Germany