Project: Security on Airport and other critical large infrastructures

The focus of the project is to address very important security and safety issues for airport environments: providing a solution to monitor aircrafts, vehicles and staff moving around the manoeuvring areas (runways, taxiways and aprons) in any weather condition, automatically, with high reliability. This issue is extensively documented in “Safety Regulation Commission document 2: ATM contribution to aircraft accidents/incidents”. The CO conclusion, despite all the valuable information of the document, is that about 90% of the accidents and incidents occur on the ground stage of the flight. Moreover a frequently identified causal factor is the low visibility in fog and rain. Those occurrences are all related to the lack of context awareness and controllability. Without an integrated control infrastructure, airport operators do not have the support to make real-time decisions based on an objective and reliable view of the overall situation._x000D_Our solution aims at airports to operate even at low visibility conditions avoiding hazardous and dangerous situations by prediction - as collision avoidance, suspect object in neighbourhood, security permission control and guiding movements and workflows as route guidance, detecting left luggage or parts of aircraft. _x000D_The project goals to develop new context aware services based on an innovative solution integrating high-performance RF tracking combined with optical recognition technologies. A new platform and scalable middleware handles the heterogeneous tracking- and video- networks linked with the airport operational networks. Innovative data fusion algorithms and data mining tools allow extracting space and timing related information to reflect the actual operations detecting safety and security hazards, triggering alarms as well as giving support for guidance issues._x000D_The target of the project is to demonstrate control and surveillance of vehicles (at runways, apron, taxi-ways and indoor baggage terminals), control of service operations as well as new Safety and Security services for analysis of current/ past events based on proposed integration of RF localisation and video surveillance systems which will provide complete situation awareness at air-side of the airport under all visibility and weather conditions. _x000D_Today around 1360 airports worldwide manage more than 4.8 billions passengers per year, representing around 77 million aircraft movements. The strategy of the project is to launch an innovative technological product that has huge market potential as it will allow the detection of high risks/threats to international safety/security requirements, will save lifes and increase passenger wellness and travel comfort. Time and workflow benefits are a source of economical profits. _x000D_To achieve this, a close cooperation between Ps is required:_x000D_BIJO-DATA, a German SME and will take the overall coordination of the project. As expert in offering special solutions with localisation aware services development to OEMs and security companies._x000D_ANA Aeroportos de Portugal is an airport provider in charge of the management, operation and development of several Portuguese airports. On the front side of the security and safety issue ANA will guide an innovative technical concept as best practicable solution. ANA will drive the integration works of the SECAIR network and system in an airport._x000D_BENETEL is an Irish RF/Wireless solutions SME specialising in system and circuit design and test. BENETEL will contribute with and leverage its product integration expertise especially to introduce car2car and car2infrastructure modules in the all concept. _x000D_Rockenstein is a SME based in Germany with a proven track record in (location related) middleware development in different vertical markets. They will be in charge of the middleware development, and will bring the expertise and necessary architecting skills. _x000D_Honeywell is a global enterprise and will provide the video surveillance system, its integration to the SECAIR framework, development of video analytics algorithms for recognition/tracking of objects/subjects in the video data and for the fusion of the video information with radio based tracking/ID information._x000D_Fraunhofer IIS is an independent German R&D P expert in localisation and navigation will be in charge of the RF tracking technology. The focus will be made to upgrade its performance to operate under poor weather conditions such as fog, rain, snow. _x000D_CIT, Cork Institute of Technology, is Irish academic P expert in heterogeneous localisation data fusion and wireless localisation systems. CIT will be responsible for SECAIR scalable middleware development and heterogeneous data fusion. _x000D_INOV is a Portuguese R&D P with a large expertise in vehicle on-board units for airport environments and in networking. It will collaborate into the airport integration of special modules and will develop the methods for the integration of the different networks deployed._x000D_

Acronym SECAIR (Reference Number: 6030)
Duration 01/07/2011 - 31/05/2014
Project Topic The objective of SECAIR is to respond to very important security and safety issues in airport environments: providing a solution to monitor aircrafts, vehicles and staff moving around the movement area (runways, taxiways and aprons) in any weather condition, automatically and with high reliability.
Project Results
(after finalisation)
Analyzed existing video analytics algorithms. Developed new sensor fusion techniques that have potential to improve company product. Found potential improvements of the video surveillance system and improved it in several aspects. Gained knowledge of positioning systems. Found new potential Ps for research and for business.
Network Eurostars
Call Eurostars Cut-Off 5

Project partner

Number Name Role Country
8 Cork Insitute of Technology Partner Ireland
8 BENETEL Ltd. Partner Ireland
8 INOV - INESC INOVACAO - Institute de Novas Tecnologias Partner Portugal
8 ANA, Aeroportos de Portugal, S. A. Partner Portugal
8 Rockenstein AG Partner Germany
8 BIJO-DATA Informationssysteme GmbH Coordinator Germany
8 Honeywell spol. s.r.o. Partner Czech Republic
8 Fraunhofer Institut fuer Integrierte Schaltungen IIS Partner Germany