Project: Reformed Ammonia Pt-Free Anion-exchange Membrane Fuel Cell

The purpose of this project is to develop a new environmentally-friendly and efficient power generation_x000D_ system based on a novel, platinum-free anion-exchange membrane fuel cell and using as fuel feed hydrogen_x000D_ derived from ammonia. The primary markets targeted for this new type of power generation units are in_x000D_ Telecommunications and Small & Medium Businesses (SMB) backup power. CellEra and DTU physics have_x000D_ jointly identified ammonia as an effective “hydrogen carrier” for such applications , thanks to it’s better_x000D_ availability vs. compressed hydrogen, its high volumetric and gravimetric energy-density, its low market cost_x000D_ per unit weight of hydrogen and, very significantly, because CellEra's new type of platinum-free fuel cell is_x000D_ highly tolerant to ammonia residues. The dramatic cost savings offered by CellEra's Pt-free fuel cell_x000D_ technology, will offer a clean, efficient and affordable alternative to polluting, noisy and inefficient_x000D_ generator sets, in backup, as well as in portable and stationary power generation applications. The_x000D_ proposed solution is based on two CO components. The first is a new, Platinum Free, Anion Exchange_x000D_ Membrane Fuel Cell (AEM-FC) technology, developed over the last three years by CellEra. The AEM-FC_x000D_ COtains the advantages of incumbent low-temperature Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) based_x000D_ solutions , while alleviating major cost components, including but not limited to precious metal catalysts._x000D_ When compared to a PEM-FC based solution , projected cost savings are 70% and above. Thanks to the use_x000D_ of an OH- ion conducting membrane, CellEra's AEM-FC is highly tolerant to ammonia residues (in contrast to_x000D_ PEM)._x000D_ The CellEra / DTU system will alleviate the two CO barriers preventing mass-market commercialization of_x000D_ fuel cells: high-cost and limited hydrogen infrastructure. The AEM-FC will eliminate the need for Platinum_x000D_ catalysts and expensive hardware materials used in today’s low temp. FC technology and, at the same time,_x000D_ use of ammonia as hydrogen carrier will alleviate hydrogen infrastructure related barriers. Ammonia is the #_x000D_ 2 chemical worldwide in terms of production volumes, with over 200 million tons produced per annum. It is_x000D_ widely available, including in remote rural areas, has an energy density roughly half that of diesel and lower_x000D_ cost per kWh. A platinum-free membrane fuel cell utilizing ammonia as the fuel source will emit practically_x000D_ zero COx, NOx and SOx at the point of power generation._x000D_ CellEra is an Israel-based, venture-backed R&D SME. It has established since its founding in December of_x000D_ 2007 a global leadership position in AEM-FC technology, with fully dedicated facilities and highly_x000D_ experienced personnel. CellEra's CTO and co-founder Shimshon Gottesfeld, is former Los Alamos National_x000D_ Laboratories’ Fuel Cell team leader, and one of the world’s most renowned fuel cell experts. VP R&D and cofounder_x000D_ Dario Dekel was formerly General Manager of the #2 worldwide thermal battery plant. CEO Ziv_x000D_ Gottesfeld is a seasoned entrepreneur with proven commercial experience. The company has broken_x000D_ through key AME-FC technology barriers and has already scaled up its Pt-free fuel cell technology to the kW_x000D_ scale using compressed hydrogen as the fuel source. It has secured a global telecommunications_x000D_ infrastructure solutions provider as its launch P for telecommunications backup power solutions, and_x000D_ has further engaged the interest of major Mobile Network Operators in its Pt-free backup power solution.

Acronym RAPFAM-FC (Reference Number: 6057)
Duration 01/02/2011 - 31/12/2014
Project Topic A new, kW-range, environmentally-friendly, zero-carbon, efficient and cost effective power generation device will be developed, based on a novel platinum-free membrane fuel cell technology and using ammonia, in liquid as well as solid-storage forms, as a fuel source.
Network Eurostars
Call Eurostars Cut-Off 5

Project partner

Number Name Role Country
3 Amminex Observer Denmark
3 Department of Physics, Technical University of Denmark Partner Denmark
3 CellEra Technologies Ltd. Coordinator Israel