Project: Moixa Technology : Home DC Smart grid - Advanced energy management, renewables integration & power provisioning

Moixa Energy Holdings is an EU Cleantech 100 company and specialist R&D SME in renewable energy technology. The project is supporting a new subsidiary Moixa Technology Ltd - to further develop, trial in EU homes and commercialize an advanced energy management and DC power provisioning system._x000D__x000D_The project will take lab/R&D prototypes to next stage of integrated design, in hardware, software, electronics and trial in actual homes to validate carbon/energy savings, and to develop systems, components, connector formats, standards to enable the technology to be scaleable to mass market/EU homes. The trials will be organized to increase in scale and technical complexity. _x000D__x000D_The system is a revolutionary approach to 'Organizing the future of electricity' by recognizing the significance of advanced sensor/monitoring technologies in driving behavioral and control change to households to save energy, and better managing the 'LongTail' of energy consumption - the rising demands of billions or even trillions of low power devices being added to electricity networks every year - such as consumer electronic and portable devices as well as emergent LED lighting. This area is responsible for increasing AC/DC adaptor conversion losses, wasteful adaptor manufacture/disposal, and household and consumer inconvenience. _x000D__x000D_The systems being developed/trialed in numerous homes and field trials under this project are designed to be low cost, and rapid to install. They therefore have the potential to then roll out rapidly to millions of EU households. The system is designed to enable saving 30-50% of energy costs (carbon impact), through combining a number of features: Reducing/load-shifting electricity consumption, enabling easy integration of low cost renewables (enabling homes to take a portion of electricity off-grid or load shift), advanced control and monitoring with targeted and specific energy savings advice, cost benefit analysis (database generated) on potential energy saving improvements or building improvements that could reduce energy use._x000D__x000D_The overall project could play a significant roll in delivering competitive advantage to the EU in terms of strategic migration towards a low power Direct Current (DC) future in houses, local smart grids and micro-generation adoption, and accelerated adoption of other energy efficiency technologies, e.g. LED lighting. As such there could be considerable economic benefits, sub-system component manufacture/supply, services and installation resources, in P states. _x000D__x000D_The technology is based on proprietary approaches and patent pending technology including (GB2009/002193, US12/559,192, GB0816721.5), created by company founders and Moixa Energy Holdings. Moixa previously invented/launched the award winning USBCELL ( battery category which has been reducing battery waste and has won awards such as the iF Gold Design award as a top 50 global product. _x000D__x000D_The scope of the project includes further system and component research, prototyping, Beta manufacture and trials of component and full systems in various market configurations, together with further software/firmware and server side development, advanced sensor components, fuel-cell integration and custom PV form factor development, LED fitting/driver customisation and integration (trials). _x000D_The project involves resources and supply/components from across the EU, including UK, Netherlands, Germany, Italy as well as trials/demo installs in numerous various states with formal Ps (within the consortium) as well as secondary Ps._x000D__x000D_The lead is Moixa Technology - a new UK company formed out of Moixa Energy Holdings which will undertake the majority of the work, along with Luminis (Netherlands) on data provisioning/database design/firmware and internet interfaces R&D, and Lumberg Ltd (Lumberg Holdings GbmH) on smart plug for DC technology, along with secondary Ps/providers including:_x000D_- BYD Europe BV (Netherlands) - on specialist battery and other custom renewable components_x000D_- Smart Fuel Cell - SFC (Germany) - a Smart Fuel Cell and mobile energy specialist_x000D_- research co-operations with lighting companies such as Osram (Italy) and European Energy Retailers_x000D_Major outputs will include systems demonstrations, field trial data, third party component integration, new product offerings and opportunities in P countries, and potentially significant benefits for achieving household energy and carbon reduction targets by 2012-2016. _x000D_

Acronym MOIXA-HES (Reference Number: 5712)
Duration 01/07/2010 - 30/04/2012
Project Topic The R&D project and new company aim is to further develop and trial an advanced energy management and DC power provisioning system, which could roll out to millions of EU households to help power electronics/Lighting off-peak or off grid, and reduce energy in stages through targeted advice
Project Results
(after finalisation)
Base architecture realized as planned for WP1 and WP2. The used underlying components are based upon the open source platform Amdatu, where luminis is one of the Ps in. This platform we also use under an initiative called "Leren op Maat" which is an adaptable learning platform for the education doCO.
Network Eurostars
Call Eurostars Cut-Off 4

Project partner

Number Name Role Country
3 Moixa Energy Holdings & Moixa Technology Ltd (subsidiary) Coordinator United Kingdom
3 Luminis Software Development BV Partner Netherlands
3 Lumberg Limited (UK subsidiary of Lumberg Holdings GmbH Germany) Partner United Kingdom