Project: Providing high-quality WiMAX indoor coverage through optical-fibre multiservice distributed antenna systems.

INSIDE Project aims at providing an innovative and future-proof solution to the problem of in-building coverage shortage in wireless communication systems._x000D__x000D_Today, subscribers expect high-quality indoor coverage everywhere they happen to be: shopping centers, tall office buildings, transport facilities, etc. Wireless operators are already aware that the major part of the traffic (up to 80% according to recent surveys) will be generated at indoor locations. However, new construction materials and higher frequency bands are a difficult obstacle for good coverage levels._x000D__x000D_A traditional solution to coverage shortage is the deployment of overlaying macrocells, but this solution is expensive and has become increasingly unpopular due to concerns about radiated power levels. A cheaper alternative would be RF repeaters but this solution does not add capacity to the network and therefore it does not fit the requirements of emerging broadband wireless standards._x000D__x000D_An efficient solution to in-building coverage problem consists in the installation of a distributed antenna system, where the signals from one or several Base Stations (BSs) are distributed through optical fibers or coaxial cables towards the remote antenna units (RAUs). This solution may take advantage of pre-installed cable infrastructure. The RAUs are generally installed in ceilings and they are low-radiating power devices._x000D__x000D_INSIDE Project proposes to design and demonstrate an innovative distributed antenna system, based on optical distribution of the wireless signals with a stressed focus on multi-service capability, support for higher frequency bands (up to 5.5 GHz) and compatibility with cutting edge antenna technologies such as MIMO or beamforming. The proposed approach will exploit inherent broadband capabilities of the optical fiber, either multimode or singlemode, in order to allow the distribution of multiple wireless services. The solution will permit legacy cellular communications standards (e.g. GSM, UMTS, WiFi) and emerging broadband ones (Mobile WiMAX, LTE) to be distributed simultaneously, employing a single future-proof infrastructure. The scalability of the solution will allow the addition of new wireless services with minor changes in the system’s RF front-end._x000D__x000D_The expected result of the project will be a new product that will be ready to be launched onto the market within one semester after project completion. The consortium proposing INSIDE project comprises three Ps and a subcontractor that are highly complementary in their activities. Technical development and exploitation plan are considered, looking for a successful introduction of the new product in the market._x000D__x000D_DAS Photonics (DAS), a Spanish spin-off from the Polytechnic university of Valencia, is the R&D performing SME coordinating INSIDE project. DAS will be in charge of project management and will also lead the technology development workpackage. They will provide its expertise in Radio-over-Fiber communications and will propose the optimum optical distribution architecture._x000D__x000D_WiNetworks (WIN) is an Israeli SME which produces cutting-edge Mobile WiMAX equipment such as pico Base Stations and CPEs. WiN will provide its expertise in RF design, MIMO and beamforming technologies, and Mobile WiMAX network planning for in-building scenarios. WIN will lead a workpackage dealing with system conception and will collaborate actively in technology development and trials._x000D__x000D_Portugal Telecom Inovaçao (PTIn) is the R&D company of the major Portuguese operator (Portugal Telecom). PTIn will provide the operator’s point of view to the project and will be in charge of the Field Trial workpackage. They will also contribute actively in system conception and technology validation tasks._x000D__x000D_Finally, Senza-Fili Consulting (SF) will be subcontracted to carry out the market research and business plan of the new product. Senza-Fili is a wireless technology consultant established in Washington (USA). SF has a deep knowledge of financial modeling, market research, business plan support and business development, which will be key aspects in the path of INSIDE’s project resulting product towards the marketplace.

Acronym INSIDE (Reference Number: 4862)
Duration 01/04/2009 - 31/03/2011
Project Topic INSIDE project aims at carrying out the final stages of product development of an indoor fibre-based distributed antenna system, designed for ensuring a high quality in-building coverage of current and emerging wireless communication standards (Mobile WiMAX compatible with LTE, GSM, UMTS, WiFi,...).
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Project partner

Number Name Role Country
3 WiNetworks Partner Israel
3 DAS Photonics S.L. Coordinator Spain
3 Portugal Telecom Inovaçao Partner Portugal