Project: Advanced Fiber Connectivity Switch (AFCS), FiberZone Networks

Problem:_x000D_ Over the last 15 years, the networking technology community has responded to increasing demand by_x000D_ introducing flexible, sophisticated, automated products in the transport/transmission and access/service_x000D_ layers. However, very little has changed in the most expensive layer to COtain the physical fiber_x000D_ infrastructure. At the heart of the next-generation optical networks being deployed today, carriers are still_x000D_ installing decades-old manually managed connectivity products._x000D_ Legacy optical distribution frames (ODFs), patch panels, and patch cords provide connectivity between 100s_x000D_ of outside fiber plant and networking equipment ports, and between active equipment ports inside fiberrich_x000D_ facilities. However, these manual connectivity solutions, suffer from a number of operational_x000D_ weaknesses such as costly time-consuming operations, long provisioning times, human errors, arduous_x000D_ COtenance, troubleshooting, 1:N redundancy/service restoration and more. These problems drive up_x000D_ operating expense and increase the cost of ownership of the network._x000D_ Solution:_x000D_ The new FiberZone AFCS will provide Automated Fiber Management (AFM) connectivity solutions to 100s of_x000D_ ports within an any-to-any matrix arrangement that enable facility operators to deliver new fiber-based_x000D_ services, design and operate networks efficiently and flexibly under remote management, and improve_x000D_ customer service and network performance._x000D_ This AFCS will perform the core function of legacy manual optical distribution frames (ODFs) and patch_x000D_ panels, which is to provide physical connectivity points for fiber ports throughout the network. By_x000D_ automating connectivity, carriers can achieve major improvements in network performance._x000D_ The new AFCS will deliver significant reductions in operating expense by reducing the costs and labor_x000D_ required to operate the network. Automation also increases the revenue potential of existing assets by_x000D_ turning on new customers faster through remote provisioning and generating new revenue streams_x000D_ through fiber-on-demand services._x000D_ Unlike other optical switching technologies such as MEMS & Beam Steering, FiberZone's new AFCS will be_x000D_ developed specifically for fiber distribution, in order to address key connectivity requirements, including:_x000D_ • Reliability – Latching mechanism to COtain connections and ensure data transmission without power;_x000D_ • Performance – Low optical loss, uniform across ports;_x000D_ • Physical Layer Connectivity – Transparent to bit-rate and transmission protocol; Compatible with singlemode_x000D_ and multi-mode fiber;_x000D_ • Flexibility - Non-blocking connectivity, for full any to any connectivity (including loopback) within a unit;_x000D_ • High Port Density - 600 ports (800 goal) in a 19” rack-mount format in approximately 12 to 14 RU;_x000D_ • Scalability - allowing thousands of fibers in one cluster;_x000D_ • Dual Fiber connectivity- to allow switching the Transmit and Receive fibers simultaneously in DCs; and_x000D_ • Break-through low cost – Price point competing with legacy patch panels and optical distribution frames._x000D_ Thus, the new AFCS will deliver remote control, automation and management to the fiber infrastructure_x000D_ while COtaining the attributes and reliability of a manual patch panel._x000D_ Fiberzone Networks together with major sub-contractor and three Ps will combine expertise to_x000D_ develop the AFCS. FiberZone will take the lead role in the project and will be responsible for the System_x000D_ Design and Structure, electronics, Element Management System software, embedded software, firmware,_x000D_ switching & control algorithms, the Fiber Routing Matrix, system integration & test and preparation for_x000D_ homologation (including NEBS)._x000D_ Diamond (a major sub-contractor from Switzerland) will conduct a research project and design the new_x000D_ optical miniature connectors and adapters being used automatically by robotic arms and manipulators to_x000D_ establish connections._x000D_ Draka Comtec France (a P from France) will conduct a research project and provide with modeling and_x000D_ design of an innovative bend insensitive fiber to allow for high density and high port counts, and two_x000D_ innovative dual core fibers (SM and MM) to allow switching of Transmit and Receive fibers simultaneously. It_x000D_ E! null - AFCS, 5 of 33_x000D_ © 2007 EUREKA Secretariat_x000D_ Application Form 6.1_x000D_ will also provide with new fan out termination to allow connecting a dual core fiber to two separate fibers. It_x000D_ will work in full cooperation with Draka Comtec Fibre BV, which will provide with complementary R&D_x000D_ activities with regards to the innovative fibers as described below._x000D_ Draka Comtec Fibre BV (a P from the Netherlands) will conduct a research and design project and will_x000D_ design, realize, test and qualify the innovative bend insensitive fiber and the innovative dual core fibers. It_x000D_ will also design the system enclosure, and the 19" rack mounting solutions.

Acronym AFCS (Reference Number: 4718)
Duration 30/03/2009 - 30/09/2010
Project Topic FiberZone and three Ps will combine their expertise to design and develop an innovative AFCS for the Telecommunication, Data Center, and Enterprise industries, to remotely manage their fiber cable infrastructure, at a very high density and a cost competitive to the legacy manual patch panels.
Project Results
(after finalisation)
The project was eliminated October 2010 by the CO contractor FiberZone Networks Ltd; Only positive result for Draka Comteq France was more detailed testing on the bending performance of BendBright-Elite fiber.
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Project partner

Number Name Role Country
4 Anorad Israel Ltd. Observer Israel
4 Draka Comteq France Partner France
4 FiberZone Networks Ltd. Coordinator Israel
4 Draka Comteq Fibre BV Partner Netherlands