Project: Proactive site wide identity tracking

INsider targets the need for a better inner-perimeter monitoring and security in general, where people that have access to restricted areas may use their permission for unauthorized activities. With target premises such as airports, critical infrastructures and high-security buildings, the proposed system will provide a unique low-cost solution that answers the needs of these sectors. _x000D__x000D_While the security market offers ample state of the art solutions for the protection of facilities from external attacks and unlawful entry attempts, the prevention of "in-house" threats reCOs largely under-developed._x000D__x000D_INsider combines four core technologies, at the forefront of their fields: automatic tracking based on video camera images, remote biometric identification through video analysis, geospatial data mining and behavioral analysis for prediction and intervention, and advanced access control & tracking._x000D__x000D_Each of these fields is covered by extensive expertise of the participating SMEs:_x000D__x000D_• Object tracking and remote biometrics based on video analysis (SEARCH-LAB) – Real-time video analysis for detection, tracking and identification of people. Tracking is done by extracting moving objects from different surveillance video camera views, and establishing spatial position of the detected object through time. The identification technology allows not only direct face recognition, but also uses identification of other biometric data, such as height, ears, etc. Additionally, the intended way of using remote features for secondary identification allows the use of short-term, so called soft-biometric data such as color of clothes. The technology and the way it is used enables the reliable implementation of non-cooperative identification solutions in environments and situations previously considered too difficult._x000D__x000D_• Geospatial data mining & behavioral analysis (CorrSys) – utilizing a combination of statistical analyses, modeling techniques and self learning technologies, the technology finds patterns and subtle relationships in large data volumes and infers rules that allow the prediction of future events. Spatio-temporal relationships between entities are detected by applying proprietary clustering algorithms which are robust to information gaps._x000D__x000D_• Positioning and access control (IMA) – combining cellular-based and RFID/NFC-based positioning with conventional biometric access control, this technology provides extensive data for back-end analysis. This technology allows removing the need for biometric tags and cards by using cellular devices, without degrading the positioning precision. _x000D__x000D_The system will operate both as an access control and tracking system deployed on-site, and as a back-end analysis system, providing early warning and alerts based on prediction and identification of threats. The video analysis data and the access control positioning data will be fused and analyzed through geospatial data mining algorithms in order to identify seemingly unnoticeable security breaches and to predict future events to allow early response to them._x000D__x000D_Delivering mission critical solutions to real-world environments and answering the growing security needs of individuals, corporations and governments, INsider provides simple and effective response to previously untackled threats. As it not only reveals, but also detects suspicious activity in real time, INsider is the ideal proactive solution for executives and security officials in a wide variety of organizations. _x000D__x000D_According to research conducted by, protection of critical infrastructures and high secure areas is a market of over 10 billions Euros annually._x000D__x000D_The innovative approach that combines the technologies on which INsider is based puts the project at the forefront of security systems. With a well-balanced consortium of 3 SMEs with previous affiliation, we plan to complete this project within the period of one year. _x000D_

Acronym INsider (Reference Number: 4231)
Duration 01/04/2008 - 01/04/2009
Project Topic INsider is a proactive security system supported by identity tracking. Based on the combination of video tracking, positioning, identification methods, behavioural analysis, data fusion and geographic data mining technologies, INsider aims to automatically detect inner-perimeter threats.
Project Results
(after finalisation)
We have developed one fully new K4 system component - K4IdentraceService. Following components of the K4 system were modified based on the specification - K4 database, K4Server, K4Master. All those components were made in order to provide identification message to site wide identity tracking._x000D_
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Project partner

Number Name Role Country
3 SEARCH-LAB Security Evaluation Analysis and Research Laboratory Ltd. Partner Hungary
3 Institut mikroelektronickych aplikaci s.r.o. Partner Czech Republic
3 Correlation Systems Ltd. Coordinator Israel