Project: New polyurea, hybrid polyurea and 3P mono- and multilayer coatings for elevated chemical and heat resistant requirements

Requirements concerning industrial coatings rise year by year. Environment means challenges in both directions: environmental impacts are stronger and stronger for existing industrial and communal structures (e.g. due to polluted air, acid rain). On the other hand, environment should be protected from coating processes and from materials that might be emitted from the coatings. Consequently, the new mono- and multilayer coatings shall fulfil mechanical requirements (strength, elongation, ductility to follow crack propagation, etc.), chemical requirements (acid and alkaline resistance, solvents, and other aggressive chemicals). Coatings must be also stable enough not to let any emission after polymerization. Depending on the application field, coatings might be exposed to extreme chemical and heat impacts, and the elevated requirements shall also be fulfilled during these extreme cases._x000D__x000D_During the research and development, special attention is to be paid to the compatibility of different components and layers. The final product should be inert as a whole, to exclude any harmful environment or health effect. Therefore, the goal of the is the development, testing and market introduction of new polyurea, hybrid polyurea and 3P mono- and multilayer coatings for elevated chemical and heat resistant requirements_x000D__x000D_The planned phases of the project:_x000D_1. analysis of publications and patents in the field, exact specification of the targeted technical parameters, research on the properties (with special attention to health properties) and availability of the materials that are potentially applicable, analysis of customer requirements. _x000D_2. research and development on the new components, pre-testing coating systems and technologies. Iterative testing, feed-back and independent qualification of these components, involving external research institutions or testing laboratories if necessary._x000D_3. REACH preregistration for new materials, blends (components “A” and “B”)._x000D_4. If the novelty of the research and development results exceeds the required level, data provision for the full patenting process, and active participation in the preparation of patent specification and claims, as well as in its protection._x000D_5. tests of the coating systems, for the development of the mono- and multilayer (sandwich) coating systems fulfilling the requirements._x000D_6. In situ practical implementation testing of the new coating systems, that can be economically applied to the different exposure grades, and, if necessary, further development and adjusting of the systems. Carrying out the first reference projects at clients._x000D_7. Independent testing of the best coating systems in an accredited European laboratory. Compliance certification procedure based on the EU construction products directive (89/106/EEC Council Directive)._x000D_8. Elaboration of technology descriptions, development of training methods (materials, equipment, health protection), taking the increasingly rigorous requirements into account. Design and organization of the supply chain, etc._x000D_9. Market introduction, marketing._x000D_

Acronym POLYLAYER (Reference Number: 4293)
Duration 02/05/2008 - 30/11/2010
Project Topic Development, testing and market introduction of new polyurea, hybrid polyurea and 3P mono- and multilayer coatings for elevated chemical and heat resistant requirements. 3P® resins are a material family developed by Polinvent, re. German Pat. Nr. 41 21 153, US Pat.No.5,622,999, Hung. Pat. No.212033
Project Results
(after finalisation)
Synthesis of several amine-epoxy adducts in semi industrial scale. These new coatings have very good adhesive properties on steel (above 20 MPa), which allows skipping the primer layer on metallic surfaces in most cases. The new materials, being polymeric, are also substantially less dangerous than the former hot-sprayed polyurea (PU systems), according to REACH.
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2 Autosafe AG Umwelttechnik Partner Germany
2 Polinvent Kft Coordinator Hungary