Project: Highly Adaptive Decision Support System for SCA improvement

The CO goals of the project are: _x000D_1. To research and development on Multi-doCO Integral Adaptive Decision Systems focused to optimize the availability, reliability, security and COtainability of complex networked systems._x000D_2. To apply new architecture and techniques in the integration of a set of systems which cover different application doCOs and requirements. The following doCOs are covered: computer networks security, infrastructure, environmental and communication networks management._x000D__x000D_The research and development activity aims at improving all aspects of supervision and COtenance, following these objectives:_x000D_O 1: To keep the security and integrity of the systems under malicious attacks or accidental failures and guaranteeing continuous provision of services._x000D_O 2: To provide an advanced multilevel framework for decision taken_x000D_O 3: To provide a common arena for the involved agents_x000D_O 4: To identify and adopt advanced software engineering practices in order to present a proactive, cooperative, and pre-emptive way to improve the reliability, availability, COtainability, security and safety of complex networked systems._x000D_O5: To encourage companies to apply software process improvement methodology to their internal automation and manufacturing execution systems._x000D_O6: To allow SMEs to coordinate, optimize and certificate their COtenance/supervision systems, such as_x000D_Firewalls, IDS, Antivirus, Anti Spam, coding tools, CAs, authentication Servers, biometric devices, building security systems, backup tools, security policies, contingency plans, remote access procedures and so on. _x000D__x000D_Organizations have a heterogeneous computer science park; different operating systems, different versions and many applications with diverse configurations. With this diversity of factors the people in charge of the security must guarantee, in the best possible way, among others, the following aspects:_x000D_1.-The systems are safe and the assets of the company are protected according to the value that each one of them has._x000D_2.-It is possible to verify that the configuration of all the elements is the correct one._x000D_3.-It is possible to report the direction which is the state of the security, by measuring the fulfilment of the internal security protocols or the security policies related to international norms._x000D_In sum a security responsible must be able to inform the manager the reports that will show that the security inversion is enough or if new inversions are needed._x000D_We pretend that the deployed infrastructures could assure not only a secure but also a private conversation._x000D_We need an evolve security but also new requirements appear, to audit to audit the security anywhere and anytime. Different people with the same or different profiles should access to the security related information from different places. For example, an operator in charge to solve a failure needs to check the latest information about the failure at the place where the problem occurs. Opposite to this situation there is the person in change to the economy who must decide from his work place if the inversion made last year on security has been enough and estimate the inversion for next year. Among they there is the security responsible that must have the data to be able to manage his team, scheduling actions to be made._x000D__x000D_The achievement of the objectives of this project will lead in a competitiveness increase of the SMEs due to an improvement of networked system advanced development and COtenance._x000D_The CO result for the SMEs is an adaptable software framework tailored to their own doCO, which provides advanced alarm, incidence and COtenance management. The benefits are consistent with the project objectives, COly: Have an advanced and secure framework for decision taken, service level agreement (SLA) improvement and ease COtenance, evolution and management of complex networked systems._x000D_

Acronym HADES (Reference Number: 4272)
Duration 08/02/2008 - 08/02/2011
Project Topic The CO goal of the project is the development of Multi-doCO Adaptive Decision Support Systems in order to optimize the availability, reliability, security and COtainability of complex networked systems.
Project Results
(after finalisation)
The CO results of the project were the improvement of the traditional monitoring mechanisms focused on the hardware network infrastructure with the addition of new innovative solutions focused on the data flows and more service and application oriented approaches. _x000D__x000D_The inclusion of this logical level approach enables the monitoring to take into account not only the status of the hardware involved but also the state of each service and the quality of service associated, which lead to much more detail, and ultimately improves the managers capability to support Service level agreements.
Network Eurostars
Call Eurostars Cut-Off 1

Project partner

Number Name Role Country
5 Artica Soluciones Tecnológicas S.L. Coordinator Spain
5 ABARTIA Team Partner Spain
5 TEKEVER, S.A. Partner Portugal
5 Fundación European Software Institute (ESI-Tecnalia) Partner Spain