Project: Logistic Interactive Platform for Sustainable Food system

Currently, food systems are totally disconnected from the territories and are becoming less and less sustainable and resilient. Food comes from far away from the consumer territory. Furthermore, the smaller local producers are disappearing because of the hard competition on the international market. _x000D__x000D_It is not only the local agriculture that is in danger, but also the associated biodiversity and farmland as space of leisure, nature, culture, welfare. Local agriculture is also an activity that contributes to the dynamism of rural areas. So in order to protect those essential lands, it is important to relocalize food around the territory._x000D__x000D_The goal of the LIPSFood project is to develop an innovative organization of the local food supply tested in first time on catering sector. The project will allow the deployment of new trends of city and country planning and governance. For that, it is necessary to facilitate the communication between consumers, restaurants, and producers and to make easier exchanges of local food. In this goal, the project wants to develop a tool for stakeholders in particular for logistics, an interactive platform for on-line exchanges._x000D__x000D_In a first time, the project will concern as the demand side. This sector covers a large part of the population and its practices and its needs influence a lot the agricultural and food-processing orientations._x000D_This tool will constitute a link between restaurants chefs and farmers making ordering and stock management easier._x000D__x000D_The objective of the project is to build an operational and well adapted tool. So , it is necessary to understand the current supply chain scheme of the sector, its players, and its stakes. A market study will be realized. Taken as a whole, the sustainability of food system, namely economic, environmental and social will be studied. Indicators will be chosen to create a standard method of evaluation to measure the sustainability. Then, demand of the catering industry on the one hand, and supply of local farmers on the other hand will be analyzed to be brought together according to the needs. The restaurants and farmers will be involved in the new supply scheme thanks to a certification based approach. _x000D__x000D_After having gotten a better knowledge of the stakes and needs of local farmers and catering industry and how to involve them, the technical specification of the logistic platform will be defined. It will be adapted to the needs of each player, including if needed additional specific applications. The tool will establish an efficient link between restaurants and their nearest farmers. _x000D__x000D_A corresponding business plan will be developed including market forecasts and business model inputs_x000D_At least, the platform will be built. _x000D__x000D_It will then be tested in each territory with the help of the players involved in the new re-localized supply scheme. This tool is the support for the working of this new model._x000D__x000D_As for the previous supply model, the working model will be evaluated with the evaluation system that has been created. It will allow testing of performance in terms of sustainability and it will be possible to re-adapt the tool to the performance of the model._x000D__x000D_The number of catering companies and farmers involved in this new short supplying model will be good indicators of the interest of this platform for local stakeholders. The evaluation tool built will supply indicators to measure the sustainability of actions._x000D__x000D_The dissemination activities will allow the adoption of the tools created and involve new actors in the new local system at the European level. _x000D__x000D_Furthermore, the implementation in the catering sector and the communication on the project are also a key factor for the dissemination of best practices in favor of sustainable food and drink consumption within the European population._x000D_The stakeholders will be involved throughout the project._x000D__x000D__x000D_

Acronym LIPSFood (Reference Number: 7380)
Duration 10/09/2012 - 10/08/2015
Project Topic The goal of the project is to create a universel European platform of logistics to facilitate the supply of the catering in local products and develop local farming._x000D_ It will allow to facilitate relocalisation of local consumption in Europe in optimizing farm-to-fork systems.
Network Eurostars
Call Eurostars Cut-Off 8

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6 Tripod Consultorian en Tecnologias de Informacao, Lda Partner Portugal
6 Trubiquity GmbH Partner Germany
6 Fondaterra Partner France
6 ProStrategy Colman Ltd Partner Ireland
6 Electronic Data Transfer Partner France
6 Predell consulting Coordinator France