Project: Flow Analytics for Smart Cities

CityFlow will generate wide-scale demographic knowledge on how people move within a city. _x000D_In a simple analogy, the project will bring the real world what already exists in the online world. _x000D_There, advertisers and website owners can acquire enormous amounts of demographic information about their customers: the number of unique visitors, what web pages they viewed, for how long, how they browse through the site, where they come from, the language they speak and more. _x000D_Online advertisers and site operators can use this information to better target their audience and to maximize the effect of their content on customers. _x000D_CityFlow will bring similar capabilities to advertisers and to operators of physical premises (local municipalities, transport hubs, shopping malls etc.). _x000D__x000D_Using anonymous mobile phone location data collected by various sensors deployed citywide, CityFlow will be able to provide a demographic analysis, footfall analysis, and activity pattern information at specific locations (such as in shop or near advertisement signs) as well as information related to larger infrastructures such as public transport systems. _x000D_CityFlowill answer questions such as: _x000D_‘How much time do people spend within my site, at my shop or near my ads?’_x000D_‘Where did my visitors come from, where do they typically go from here onwards, which other locations do they visit?’ _x000D_‘How many unique visitors do we get each day?’_x000D_‘How do people enter, leave and move within my site?’_x000D_‘Should I worry about over-crowding? What about special events - how to control large crowds?’_x000D_‘How many people use public transport? How frequently? Which routes and transport means are most popular?’_x000D_‘How often do people change between bus lines to travel from home to work?’_x000D_‘How does one shopping centre compare with another in terms of footfall, flows and demographics?’_x000D__x000D_Cityflow consortium is composed of three Ps: _x000D_1) DFRC AG – an SME based in Switzerland, specialized in locating and tracking mobile phones as well as in geospatial analysis based on small numbers of measurements. _x000D_2) Institut Mikroelektronických Aplikací S.R.O. – an SME based in the Czech Republic which specializes in development and manufacturing of biometric sensors._x000D_3) CAS ZnojmoS.R.O. - an infrastructure operator based in the Czech Republic that operates bus lines, bus stations and other transport infrastructure facilities. This is a typical end user for the CityFlow system._x000D__x000D_

Acronym CityFlow (Reference Number: 7439)
Duration 01/01/2013 - 30/06/2014
Project Topic CityFlow will build wide-scale demographic databases based on how people move within a city. The project will provide operators of physical premises such as shops, shopping malls and even municipalities, with detailed demographic information on their customers without interfering with their privacy.
Project Results
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Network Eurostars
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Project partner

Number Name Role Country
3 DFRC AG Coordinator Switzerland
3 Institut mikroelektronických aplikací s.r.o. Partner Czech Republic
3 CAS Znojmo s.r.o. Partner Czech Republic