Project: Flavonoids in the prevention of the Metabolic Syndrome

FLAMES targets the development and clinical validation of: (i) a new dietary ingredient for the prevention of the metabolic syndrome; and (ii) innovative assays to screen candidate ingredients for bioactivity relevant for the prevention of the metabolic syndrome._x000D_The prevalence of overweight and the associated prevalence of the metabolic syndrome (‘MetS’), is increasing to epidemic proportions. The underlying cause is a complex interaction of genetic predisposition and unfavorable lifestyle, i.e. low physical activity combined with overconsumption of foods. Significant risk factors for cardiovascular disease and diabetes mellitus type 2, such as obesity, glucose intolerance, hyperinsulinemia, insulin resistance, hypercortisolism, dyslipidemia, hypertension, blood clotting abnormalities and a pro-inflammatory state are associated with MetS. _x000D_MetS related healthcare costs are rising steeply, which led to an estimated total direct and indirect cost of 32.8 billion Euros as early as in 2002. Significant savings could thus be accomplished by preventing the onset of MetS. While drug treatments are available, several of these drugs were withdrawn from the market due to adverse events. Lifestyle modifications, e.g. changing dietary habits, are therefore preferable. Consequently, medical foods, functional foods and dietary supplements targeting MetS have become an important focus for the nutrition industry. _x000D_Novel nutritional products targeting MetS are preferably marketed with a strong health claim to induce the targeted consumer to use such product. Since 2006, health claims made through commercial communications (labeling, presentation or advertising) in the EU, have to be substantiated by a sound body of scientific evidence. Thus, companies are required to submit extensive dossiers for any product related health claim, requiring clinically validated health effects and strong supporting evidence for the mode-of-action of the underlying health ingredient. _x000D__x000D_The project combines two opportunities into a unique Pship. BioActor is an R&D-driven health ingredient company, and recently started the development of a novel functional ingredient concept, referred to as HESPERION™, which targets MetS. AdipoPhYt is an R&D company, developing a research platform, AdipoGut™, based on human adipose tissue models. These new and original tissue models closely mimic the living context and thereby allow the characterization of the biological signature of functional ingredients and their effects on adipose tissue biology. _x000D_The project merges BioActor’s interest in understanding of the mode-of-action and the clinical substantiation of health effects of its ingredient and AdipoPhYt’s interest in optimizing and further developing its in vitro technology platform and validating the predictability/relevance thereof with clinical data. Such validation is essential for future commercial application of both the new health ingredient and the in-vitro technology platform. _x000D__x000D_FLAMES has a dual objective: _x000D_- Firstly: to (a) substantiate mode-of-action evidence for HESPERION™, (b) scientifically confirm and establish the clinical effects of HESPERION™ on parameters of MetS, (c) formulate the final composition of HESPERION™ as a proven preventative functional ingredient for MetS. _x000D_- Secondly the development and use of the ADIPOGUT™ platform to study mechanistic effects of HESPERION™ in relation to MetS. Ultimately, the clinical study will provide the validation needed for ADIPOGUT™ while the latter will provide proof of the mode-of-action of HESPERION™. Ultimately, BioActor aims to use this information for an EFSA health claim submission._x000D__x000D_The results of the Project will lead to 2 marketable applications;_x000D_- HESPERION, a novel and clinically proven health ingredient for the prevention of MetS_x000D_- AdipoPrint, a highly predictable and clinically validated technology platform for testing of candidate substances for the prevention of MetS._x000D_HESPERION will be marketed by BioActor as an innovative ingredient to companies that market functional foods, medical foods and dietary supplements and BioActor would act as a supplier of quantities of this new ingredient._x000D_ADIPOGUT™ will be marketed by AdipoPhYt as a highly relevant and predictable technology platform, whereby AdipoPhYt will provide services and enter into collaborations with nutrition, pharma and health ingredient companies that wish to test candidate substances that target MetS.

Acronym FLAMES (Reference Number: 7372)
Duration 01/05/2012 - 30/04/2015
Project Topic The FLAMES project includes the development of 2 innovative products (1) HESPERION, a functional food ingredient, (2) ADIPOGUT, a biotech platform for the assessment of functional food and pharma compounds. Each has a distinct market, providing independent benefit for each company involved.
Network Eurostars
Call Eurostars Cut-Off 8

Project partner

Number Name Role Country
2 BioActor B.V. Coordinator Netherlands
2 Adipophyt Partner France