Project: Construction Industry Safety via Cost Effective HUD/HMD Technology

Project goal and background _x000D_The CISTECH consortium has identified an opportunity to support cost effective information display systems within vehicles and plant used in the construction sector to allow vehicle operators to quickly and easily see key vehicle operating data (such as the relative position of an excavator's bucket) without even momentarily diverting their attention from the work in hand. The construction sector reCOs one of the major areas of concern for health and safety officials. According to the Health and Safety Commission, the construction sector (NACE 45) exhibits six times the national average for fatal accidents, 380 per 100 000 major injuries and 829 per 100 000 accidents resulting in 3 or more days absence ; by any measure, mechanized plant as used in the construction industry represents a clear and present danger to both workers and to members of the public. _x000D__x000D_Actors such as Prolec Ltd (UK) have developed a range of effective safety systems such as their DigMaster system, which is capable of accurately reporting the precise position of the blade, bucket or tool. Other actors, such as Hirschmann (Belden group, DE) offer load moment indicators and a broad range of rated capacity indicators (RCI) to the mobile machine control sector, all of which systems are intended to supplement the information made available to the operator. One key shortcoming of these systems (whether retro-fitted or plant manufacturer installed) is that the key communication line to the operator tends to be via a ruggedized display unit designed for installation and deployment within the cab/console area. This forces the operator to divert his/her attention from the task in hand to a (generally) small display unit, potentially missing key events (such as the arrival of a pedestrian into the working area) in the process. _x000D__x000D_The goal of the project consortium is the development of a low cost enhanced visualisation and situational awareness system for improved safety across many industries, focusing particularly on the construction industry. The key human machine interface (HMI) situational awareness aids are head up displays (HUD) and head mounted (immersive) displays (HMD). The objective of the consortium is to develop a complimentary system integrating both types of display to create an advanced control environment for operation of construction equipment. The key developments of the project will be the realisation of low-cost, novel HUD and HMD technologies. These technology platforms will share a look-through configuration geometry and a common external superimposed information image layer which is generated by in-feeds from instrumentation._x000D__x000D_ The HMD and HUD platforms will complement one another by providing a flexible, interchangeable, mobility-adaptive control interface for the construction industry._x000D__x000D_The use of HUD visualisation aids is of paramount importance in military avionics particularly for targeting. Usually costs associated with these technologies are prohibitive to applications in other industries. For example, although head up displays have been employed in the automotive sector, these have been limited to the luxury car market. HMDs are extensively employed in the military avionics sector, where typical systems employ eye or head position tracking and cost over €50k. Low cost HMDs, using the helmet visor as a projection surface would significantly improve safety and working effectiveness across the construction industry._x000D__x000D_Technical and market applications_x000D_The CO focus of this project is the development of a novel system designed for installation onto construction and agricultural plant and vehicles. We are targeting the small-to-medium end of the market (mini-excavators, backhoe loaders, tractors, dumper trucks etc.) as well as larger plant (earth moving excavators and wheeled loaders etc). _x000D__x000D_Project consortium_x000D_The project draws together excellence in display systems technology (PRP Optoelectronics) and excellence in manufacturing of construction plant (Volvo Construction Equipment). We have deliberately kept the consortium minimal in size to allow us to undertake the research and development work as efficiently as possible whilst retaining the necessary expertise and facilities to undertake and deliver the project vision.

Acronym CISTECH (Reference Number: 7527)
Duration 01/09/2012 - 29/08/2014
Project Topic The project will develop a novel and cost effective Head Up Display (HUD) technology, appropriate for deployment on a wide range of construction plant via through-windscreen projection, and a novel Head Mounted display (HMD) technology, supporting display on the helmet visor of user.
Project Results
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Is that we could build more learnings when it comes to HUD and HMD displays.
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Project partner

Number Name Role Country
2 Volvo Construction Equipment Partner Sweden
2 PRP Optoelectronics Ltd Coordinator United Kingdom