Project: CROwds in MAss transport and public orGaNizatiONs

Large airports, large cities and subway networks are crossed by hundreds of thousands to millions of people per day (e. g. more than 3 millions/day in London’subway). There are several hundreds to thousands incidents a day, e. g. people falling, fainting, robberies, fights, and, more rarely but with heavy consequences, fire starts, people crushed by crowd, riots, falls on railway tracks... Large public transport organizations (trains, airports) as well as large events organizators (cities, public manifestations) address security and safety issues by deploying thousands of cameras (e. g. for Paris : 11.000 in airports, 8.000 in subway, 1.300 in the city…). It is impossible for human agents to monitor permanently these cameras : thus events occur, and their consequences worsen until somebody in the crowd can pull the alarm signal. Images can just be recorded for delayed forensic purposes. However, in the 2006 European ESRAB security report, crowd monitoring in public space was mentioned as a “key capability”, and “important to improve” (ESRAB report, pp 32 & 58). Since 2005, there has been a continuous growth in market demand of tools for automating crowd surveillance (COly for trains, airports, cities, and museums). The goal of CROMAGNON is to develop very innovative software solutions for enabling real time detection and notification of incidents in large crowds from pre-existing Close Circuit TV (CCTV) surveillance cameras. By the study of statistical behaviours of people in crowds, the project also wants to prevent dangers. Assessed with different end-users, the project will enable a market product development within 2 years. _x000D__x000D_The CROMAGNON project will study and implement :_x000D_• A powerful image analysis engine for crowd situations, observed by pre-existing CCTV cameras installed indoor and outdoor, that would detect dangerous situations. For this purpose, we will study end user requirements (such as “detect when everybody falls”, “detect when a smoke starts in the crowd”, “detect when a car runs over the crowd”, “warn about many people beginning to run from one direction”, "an immobile group has formed in mobile crowd"), specify, and develop a video analytics tool that will detect the specified crowd scenarios, and that will elaborate continuous information for a global site statistics management tool._x000D_• A statistical tool measuring high level information about spots covered by the CCTV cameras, in order to consolidate parameters about how people are behaving in normal situations in the site and allow dangerous/risky situations detections. We will study, specify, and develop this statistics management tool, that will collect all these data coming from video analytics, that will manage an abstract site model (in order to associate information coming from cameras to the structure of the site), as well as a temporal model (in order to associate similar time periods), and that will produce a general situation map of the site (like estimated frequentation, speed, stress level, etc) and warn the site supervisors about unusual or risky situations._x000D_• A supervision tool adapted to the surveillance context allowing advanced crowd monitoring. We will study, specify, and develop/integrate supervision tools with appropriate ergonomy for displaying general information to supervisors, as well as alarms, taking into account the number of these supervisors, and their management capacity, so that they can handle this information without being drown by unmanageable messages._x000D__x000D_An application of the project will be installed at transport end-users in different situations. The project development process will be iterative : it will implement a first prototype, deliver it for end users tests, and then collect results and new needs and then iterate again on new functions._x000D__x000D_The prototype will then become a market product (software) within two years, and licenses will be sold._x000D__x000D_The CROMAGNON project will be managed through a consortium of three Ps. The leading one is a video analytics specialist, Evitech (France), associated to Tele Connect (Netherlands) and ADTEL (Spain), two performant actors in video architectures for public transport and cities._x000D__x000D_Created in 2005 by two scientist engineers from a MoD research project in video analytics, the EVITECH SME is now a 15 people well renowned company in this doCO, protecting major public and industrial sites, many solar plants, detecting oil leaks on pipe lines or fire starts, at an international level._x000D_With 1.7 MEur turnover and 10 employees, Tele Connect has strong references in CCTV infrastructures in the Netherlands, is involved for more than 50% in IP digital cameras, and will technically manage installation of hundreds of cameras this year at Utrecht city._x000D_Installed in Catalunya, ADTEL (100 people) is an expert in installation of CCTV systems for public and transport surveillance, with strong know-how in innovation in video architectures and telecommunications.

Acronym CROMAGNON (Reference Number: 7653)
Duration 18/04/2013 - 30/06/2015
Project Topic The CROMAGNON project aims at helping large public/transport organisations to manage important/dense crowds, by developing innovative video analytics tools (for real-time monitoring of situations) and statistical tools (for detection of rare/unusual situations, from long term site observations).
Project Results
(after finalisation)
The CROMAGNON project aimed at helping large public/transport organisations to manage important/dense crowds, by developing innovative video analytics tools (for real-time monitoring of situations) and statistical tools (for detection of rare/unusual situations, from long term site observations)._x000D__x000D_The project was addressing solutions to monitor sites and events receiving crowds from CCTV cameras. There were COly 3 technical axes :_x000D_ - video analytics, addressed by us, which issued into our LYNX product,_x000D_ - statistics and graphics / figurs, addressed by ADTEL,_x000D_ - user information and supervision, addressed by Tele Connect._x000D__x000D_The CROMAGNON project has followed the project evolution initially forecast with a small delay on the initial programme (2 months)._x000D_The CO results of our project from our side (EVITECH) are the following :_x000D_ - identification of users needs, from 3 Europe countries, and transformation into software specifications,_x000D_ - development of a product demonstrator, easily transformed into a product (Lynx in our case),_x000D_ - installation of demonstrators in different projects in Europe, particularly in Holland and France,_x000D_ - development of interface layers to integrate with project Ps and later with business Ps,_x000D_ - very good evaluations from end users with on-going business issues._x000D__x000D_
Network Eurostars
Call Eurostars Cut-Off 9

Project partner

Number Name Role Country
3 ADTEL Sistemas de Telecomunicacion S.L. Partner Spain
3 Electronic Vision Technologies SAS Coordinator France
3 Tele Connect Telekommunikatie B.V. Partner Netherlands