Project: Electric Seismic Sources: The Next Generation Vibrators for Seismic Data Acquistion

Acronym E-vib (Reference Number: 12456)
Duration 01/06/2018
Project Topic The consortium will develop the Storm Electric Vibrator (E-vib) for onshore exploration to secure the sustainable access to raw materials for the EU/Can in the long term. The Storm E-vib is a first of its kind electric seismic source based on hybrid linear motors, which are capable of generating better acoustic signals in an innovative way, resulting in less costs, reduced footprint and better data. We will deliver a TRL6 Storm E-vib, which will be pilot tested in relevant environment.
Network Eurostars 2
Call Eurostars Cut–off 9

Project partner

Number Name Role Country
1 Seismic Mechatronics BV Coordinator Netherlands
2 Magnetic Innovations BV Partner Netherlands
3 Synterra Technologies Ltd. Partner Canada