Project: International Care Of the Dying Evaluation (CODE): quality of care for cancer patients asperceived by bereaved relatives

Acronym ERANet-LAC CODE (Reference Number: ELAC2015/T07-0545)
Duration 01/01/2017 - 01/01/2020
Project Topic Advance the international evidence base in the care of dying cancer patients by undertaking an observational study of bereaved relatives’ views about the current quality of care within hospital settings across seven participating countries Develop an international version of the post-bereavement questionnaire ‘Care Of the Dying Evaluation’ (CODE), to be used as an international standard and benchmarking tool Use the two main concerns identified from bereaved relativesof cancer patients to implement key changes in clinical care, using transnational cooperation and involving bereaved relatives in the action planning, and to assess the immediate direct impact of these changes from a healthcare professional and family point of view.
Network ERANet-LAC
Call 2nd Joint Call on Research and Innovation

Project partner

Number Name Role Country
1 Sue Ryder House administrated by Pallmed Partner Poland
2 Mutualista Asociación Hospital Evangélico Partner Uruguay
3 Pallium Latinoamérica N.G.O Partner Argentina
4 University of Bergen Coordinator Norway
5 University of Liverpool Partner United Kingdom
6 University Medical Center of the Johannes Gutenberg University of Mainz Partner Germany
7 State University of Campinas Partner Brazil