Acronym FUTURE (Reference Number: JTC-2021_024)
Project Topic New metal and mineral resources must be discovered to supply the raw materials for emerging technologies and the push for decarbonisation (e.g., wind and solar energy, fast rechargeable batteries with high power-density, fuel cells) and to meet the expectations of billions of people in the developing world for higher living standards. The geological conditions of both Europe and Africa have proven potential to host resources of target metals and minerals. These include, but are not limited to, critical raw materials, which are usually found as associate minerals. However, the mineral exploration sector must improve its capability to image the subsurface: penetration depth, sensitivity and resolution must be increased, while the environmental impact and cost must be reduced. The FUTURE project seeks to develop innovative, environmentally friendly and cost-effective technologies for deep exploration, primarily in the challenging in-mine environment. We plan to develop a prototype system that will allow long-duration synchronized data acquisition on the surface, in mine tunnels, and in boreholes. We will extend the capabilities of well-established surface and borehole fiber-optic DAS and wireless sensing technologies to allow imaging using mode-converted signals and make more accurate near-surface static corrections and characterizations. The high-resolution UAV-Mag-EM surveys will help to optimally orientate a new seismic profile to study the lateral extent of the deposits and possible major fault systems in the area in 3D. We anticipate that the FUTURE project will advance high-resolution imaging and modeling of the host rock and any mineralization between tunnels and the surface, and in the down-dip direction. We will demonstrate these technologies using two exploration targets, viz. iron-oxide deposit (in Sweden), and gold-bearing conglomerates (reefs) overlain by volcanic rocks with contrasting density and seismic velocity (in South Africa)
Network ERA-MIN3
Call ERA-MIN3 Joint Call 2021

Project partner

Number Name Role Country
1 University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg Coordinator South Africa
2 Uppsala University Partner Sweden
3 Geological Survey of Sweden Partner Sweden
4 Politecnico di Torino Partner Italy
5 Nordic Iron Ore AB Partner Sweden
6 South Deep Gold Mine Partner South Africa
7 University of Venda Partner South Africa
8 Sercel Partner France