Project: Tools for sustainable gold mining in EU

Acronym SUSMIN
Project Topic Gold mining is a chance for Europe to increase economic development, but its challenge is eco-efficiency due to low grade of gold in the ore, its extraction methods (e.g. cyanide) and association often with arsenopyrite. Due to its high mobility and toxicity, arsenic is problematic in mine wastes and waters, but it also complicates the recovery of gold. Social licence for gold mining is often more challenging by respect to other mineral resources. Thus, economically viable gold mining is also dependent on environmental and social sustainability. The objective of the project is to support environmentally, socially and economically sustainable gold production within EU to decrease import dependency. The project identifies, tests and improves technological solutions for gold exploration, mineral processing, water treatment, waste management and environmental impact assessment. In addition, project aims to develop tools for enhancing corporate social responsibility, social acceptance and designing postmining development. Research and development measures will be carried out cooperatively between partners and industrial companies in case studies at participating countries. The project provides new sustainable technologies for exploration, selective gold recovery with decreased environmental impacts, alternative reagents for cyanide, advanced adsorbents for water treatment and methods for sustainable waste management such as paste technology. With the environmental risk assessment and better knowledge of geochemistry and long-term transformation of the contaminants in wastes and mine waters, the mining companies are able to predict and prevent the impacts to the surrounding environment. Results will be combined to reports and recommendations for mine industry and will be useful for the industrial partners and have national and transnational impact.
Network ERA-MIN
Call Sustainable And Responsible Supply Of Primary Resources

Project partner

Number Name Role Country
1 Geological Survey of Finland Coordinator Finland
2 Luleå University of Technology Partner Sweden
3 Geological Institute of Romania Partner Romania
4 Wroclaw University of Technology Partner Poland
5 Babes-Bolyai University Partner Romania
6 Trinity College Dublin Observer Ireland
7 University of Porto Partner Portugal