Project: COst-effective Geophysical Imaging Techniques for supporting Ongoing MINeral exploration in Europe

Project Topic One of the main challenges of mineral exploration, as also stated on the ERA-MIN research agenda, is finding and characterizing deeper-seated resources to satisfy the growing worldwide demand for raw materials. Seismic imaging is particularly attractive for deep mineral exploration because of superior depth penetration and resolution when compared to other geophysical imaging techniques. This research initiative joins the forces of research institutions and industry, and aims at comprehensive methodological advances in the use of seismic imaging for mineral exploration in Europe and beyond. We acknowledge also the need for well-integrated geophysical and geological approaches, and aim at developing joint analyses of different data. The overall goal is to develop integrated geophysical-geological approaches for building realistic 3D geological models, delineation of known deposits and identifying new reliable drilling targets, with further impact on reducing the cost of drilling, and as such fitting the objectives of the ERA-MIN network. All the partners in our proposal have their unique expertise in different aspects of the project, and the core of the project is knowledge transfer between the partners. We consider this project a first step in a future of collaborations. Specific attention will be paid to communicating acquired knowledge also to a broader audience.
Network ERA-MIN
Call ERA-MIN 2nd Joint Call on Sustainable Supply of Raw Materials in Europe

Project partner

Number Name Role Country
1 University of Helsinki Coordinator Finland
2 Institute of Geophysics, Polish Academy of Sciences Partner Poland
3 Geological Survey of Finland Partner Finland
4 Vibrometric Oy Partner Finland
5 Boliden Kylylahti Oy Partner Finland
6 Geopartner Sp. z.o.o. Partner Poland