Project: Biotechnological Production of Monoterpenoids

Monoterpenoids are challenging products for IB processes due to their toxicity. Despite all efforts monoterpenoid yields of respective research projects, usually focused on increasing production instead of adjusting it to host cell capacities, have remained below expectations. The BioProMo consortium will create an IB complement to fossil-resources-based chemical processes for industrial monoterpenoid production. A sustainable and competitive platform technology based on the solvent resistant microbe mseudomonas putida will be established by combining biotechnological methods such as functional genomics, metabolic engineering, synthetic biology and bioprocess engineering. Key aspects addressed by BioProMo are: increasing resilience of a monoterpenoid tolerant P. putida strain at the level of efflux pumps the mitigation of monoterpenoid toxicity by producing them as glycosides the usage of metabolic switches, shunt pathways and enzyme coupling to create a resilient and efficient production host The microbial platform aimed at will create two novel production routes: a) a whole-cell biocatalysis to selectively oxyfunctionalize a monoterpene hydrocarbon, a cheap by-product of the food processing industry (short –term goal) and b) a self-regulated de novo production circuit starting from the renewable raw material glycerol, a by-product of biodiesel production (mid -term goal). The use of renewable industrial by-products and waste streams as raw material for monoterpenoid production will create novel value-added chains for the European industry. We unite the complementary know-how and expertise of European research groups from three different countries to accomplish the goal of establishing a microbial production platform for monoterpenoids. The industrial partner of BioProMo will not only advice the research project from its market-oriented viewpoint but also actively participate in every work package and intends to transfer the envisaged IB process into application.

Acronym BioProMo
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Network ERA-IB-2
Call ERA-IB 6th Joint Call in Cooperation with EuroTransBio

Project partner

Number Name Role Country
European and Mediterranean Plant Protection Organization France
Insitute For Food And Agriculture Research And Technology Spain
DECHEMA - Forschunginstitut Germany
Symrise Germany
Wageningen University & Research Netherlands