Project: A precision nutri-epigenetic approach to tackle the mother-to-child transmission of impaired glucose metabolism

Acronym PREcisE
Project Topic The prevalence of co-morbidities associated with adult diabetes (T2D) continues rising. Pounding evidence has established that the risk for impaired glycaemic health starts at conception and builds-up from one generation to another. PREcisE’s overarching goal studies life-course data from the pre-conceptual period up until adulthood to explore the life-course and molecular pathways pertaining the mother to offspring transmissibility of impaired glycaemic health. PREcisE will aim at breakthrough in understanding i) the causal epigenetic pathways underpinning fetal exposure to impaired glycaemic health, ii) the role played by the glycaemic and the inflammatory load of the diet in inducing and modulating DNA methylation and iii) the life-course consequences.
Network ERA-HDHL
Call Call for Joint Action: Nutrition & the Epigenome

Project partner

Number Name Role Country
1 Imperial College London Coordinator United Kingdom
2 Helmholtz Zentrum München Partner Germany
3 University of Granada Partner Spain
4 Universite de Lille Partner France
5 Erasmus Medical Center Partner Netherlands
6 University of Melbourne Observer Australia