Project: Advanced ex vivo analyses and multi-frequency ultrasound technology for improved evaluation and diagnosis of coronary plaque

Acronym XploreCAD (Reference Number: 10. JTC-2017_55)
Project Topic Atherosclerosis is considered a multifactorial disease with risk factors ranging from high-fat diet, hypertension, smoking, diabetes, to genetic susceptibility and other factors. Classic statin treatment has led to significant reduction of clinical events, but considerable residual risk of cardiovascularrelated mortality still remains. By analyzing blood and plaque samples from both patient and animal models, the XploreCAD project will identify potential biomarkers of coronary artery disease that will be used in combination with novel ultrasound technology for improved imaging of coronary plaque. Expected results will lead to better understanding of the mechanisms related to plaque progression and plaque instability, and an improved imaging technique for plaque diagnosis.
Network ERA-CVD
Call Joint Transnational Call for Proposals 2017: Mechanisms of early atherosclerosis and/or plaque instability in Coronary Artery Disease

Project partner

Number Name Role Country
1 Stiftelsen SINTEF Coordinator Norway
2 Institute of Cellular Biology and Pathology N.Simionescu Partner Romania
3 Vermon SA Partner France