Project: Promoting Electric Mobility in Urban Europe

Acronym PRO-EME
Duration 01/01/2018 - 30/06/2020
Project Topic proEME supports the development of electric mobility in urban Europe. The scientific objectives of the project are focused on creating the critical mass of electric mobility communities in order to analyse and accelerate electric vehicles (EV)-markets in Europe. The project stimulates capacity building by activating those who make the decisions on mobility and transport related to EVs, to create multiplier effects and to reach out to mobility consumers, directly via an automobile club pilot and the internet. Through direct contact with stakeholders the authenticity of the scientific analysis will be increased. In addition, proEME advances the understanding of decision making of mobility consumers, private and used car customers, fleet managers, dealers, leasing companies, manufacturers and authorities for green public procurement, and shows how new mobility trends can be used to deliver win-win-situations for electric mobility. Analysis, dissemination and exchange of results within the new established international network of stakeholders and policy makers will boost policy support and expand the scientific findings of electric mobility. Therefore, proEME will advance scientific knowledge, create critical masses in selected regions and provide blueprints on how to accelerate the uptake of EVs best.
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Network EMEurope
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Project partner

Number Name Role Country
City of Stuttgart Observer Germany
4 Copenhagen Electric Partner Denmark
5 FIER Automotive Partner Netherlands
FRAMO GmbH Observer Germany
1 German Aerospace Center Coordinator Germany
6 Hungarian Electromobility Association Partner Hungary
JOANNEUM RESEARCH Forschungsgesellschaftschaft mbH Observer Austria
7 Kommunen in der Metropolregion e.V. Partner Germany
8 National Academy of Sciences of Belarus Center for System Analysis and Strategic Research Partner Belarus
9 Robert Bosch GmbH Partner Germany
10 University of Twente Partner Netherlands
11 VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Partner Finland