Project: Innovative Vehicle to Grid model for electric mobility deployment in Europe

Acronym eVolution2G - V2G
Duration 01/06/2018 - 31/05/2020
Project Topic In the last decade, consumer demand is shifting in favor of e-mobility, thanks to government support for electric vehicles (EV), investments in EV-charging infrastructure, purchase subsidies, tax exemptions, increase in OPEX of traditional private mobility, decrease of EV costs. On the other hand, automakers perceive e-mobility as essential for achieving compliance with emission, sustainability and fuel economy EU targets. When a full deployment of EV will be in place, electric distribution networks will be deeply affected, trying to deal with increased energy consumptions and peak power requests. At the same time, the grid will deal with increasing inputs of distributed sources of renewables, with their intermittent and not completely foreseeable contributions. To address the growing mismatch between production and demand of energy, EVs will become an important actor of the future “Smart Grid” and electricity markets. In this scheme, EVs will act as flexible distributed stationary accumulator, able to store and release electrical energy, to compensate peak production and to support and stabilize the distribution nets, in case of huge absorption. This concept is called bidirectional power flow. Operating by dual functionality, the vehicle assumes a completely different value to cost ratio. Fully in line with these prerogatives, the V2G project will test and validate this concept by combining: - An electrical light quadricycle with an updated Battery Management System and a bi-directional battery charger able to interface in charge and discharge with the electricity network. The benefits of a light vehicle (ca. -60 % in weight), for the V2G paradigm are the low consumption (ca. -50 % in energy) and the appeal for wide spread in urban mobility. Two prototype vehicles will be developed and used in the pilot, for the two selected applications (residential and public charging infrastructure) - Solutions for V2G charging stations, both for domestic and public applications, taking into account current and future technical regulations and energy market development and possibilities; - An Energy Management and Control System, coordinating the different stakeholders’ needs/inputs and availability to participate in network balance and dispatching market.
Network EMEurope
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Project partner

Number Name Role Country
1 IREN Coordinator Italy
2 CTC cartech company GmbH Partner Germany
3 Aalborg University Partner Denmark
4 MECAPROM Partner Italy